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Well known for her movie casting carrier and fitness coach Azja Pryor, she is American by nationality and very energetic at her work, well in case if you have forgotten let me remind you a bit, Azja Pryor was once married to one of be biggest stand-up comedian and actor who is called Chris Tuckers you remember this man right? Yeah, I can imagine how fun it was to have these two great stars married. Today stay with me lets get more insight of Azja’s life.



Azja Pryor was born on August 28, 1978 making her have the Zodiac sign of Virgo. She belongs to a Christian religion and has maintain it till now, Azja’s Mom Deborah Pryor was once also a voice over actress who did a distinctive work and was loved by many around the globe. Growing up from a humble home Azja seems to be have been influenced by her mother making her enter the same job industry as her mother.

Age: How Old is Azja Pryor?

For someone who was born on the August 28th, 1978. She is 43years old as of 2021.

What Nationality is Azja Pryor?

She is an American Citizen, She she has significantly lived almost all of her life there.

Relationship Status

When it comes to relationship Azja is straight hence the reason she was married to a stand-up comedian Chris Tuckers in 1997 who was at his prime at the time, perhaps the way Chris was able to make Azja laugh when she is around him got him to with her heart and accepted his proposal. Her husband was very instrumental in her life introducing her to many famous people in his category or level which really exposed her to the world. Like many other relationships, Azja’s relationship with Chris got terminated after being together for some time.

Azja has had to deal with down times in a relationship in her past, she however moved on to give a new relationship a try with another man Christopher Brian Bridge that only lasted a short time.

I’m sure at this time Azja wanted to give up hope on relationships up to now know one knows what did the magic, although I’m not too sure whether it was her last shot but her next relationship with Cherif A Ndiaye got them married.

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A film casting director of (The 4400, Cuts, One on One, Eve) and a health coach, it has paid Azja well because it has been a successful business. Incase you want to know how much Azja Pryor is worth, they are some suggestions that she is worth 1 million dollars which maybe the only thing that will make you doubt will be it should have been more than 1 million dollars. Yes, I agree with you, her hard work all over these years should earn her nothing less a million dollar, but for the mean time lets wait and keep our eyes wide open, if the hint reaches us that he has made even 1 dollar more, I will be the first to update that here.

What is the Net Worth of Azja Pryor?

She is estimated to worth between an amount of $800k to $1.2 million

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Body Type

Maybe it might be a co-incidence but Azja Pryor being a health coach and her husband Cherif A Ndiaye being a coach it has really help Azja to keep her body in a good shape that makes her look younger than her age even though she is above 40 years now.


Azja Pryor is a mother of 2, A boy (Destin Christopher) and a girl (Iman Joelle), she also has 2 siblings which she grew up with and her mother.

Azja Pryor’s life is a simple and beautiful one, she is inspiration to a lot of young ones and myself. Please tell her to keep it up with her health coach when you see her.

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