Best marketing tools in 2024: the ultimate guide

Ruby McKenzie
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There are plenty of great software services that you can use to boost your company’s marketing strategy through 2024 and beyond. This could help connect you with more customers, and even improve upon your existing business relationships.

With the past few years placing a strong focus on digital solutions, it’s only natural that 2024 will continue this trend. Even if this forms the heart of your approach, make sure your business does not neglect physical advertising in the process.

Read on to discover the best marketing tools businesses can use in 2024.

1. CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides you with accurate, real-time data on your business and its current performance. This allows you to keep track of which strategies are working, giving you the opportunity to adjust your techniques accordingly. These tools store important customer data — letting you refer back to their purchasing preferences. You can even see how effective your current approach is at converting leads.

With the data that CRM software collects, you can build audience profiles and use these as the basis of your campaigns.

2. SEO tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your digital footprint so potential customers can discover your business. You can use free or paid tools to audit your website and identify keyword gaps that make it harder for people to search for your company’s services. This is important for any successful marketing campaign; you need to know which keywords are able to connect you with your target audience.

3. Digital signage

While digital marketing might be your main priority, physical marketing that also integrates digital technology is the best of both worlds. These solutions keep your company in touch with modern advances while still advertising on a hyper-local level. For example, digital signage offers wholly customizable screens you can change by simply uploading a new image. Placing these within or around your storefront could turn casual browsers into dedicated customers.

This could be a single static unit in the building that highlights current deals, or it may be a large video wall visible to any window shopper. In any case, you need to make sure you have display controllers that guarantee a high-quality image your team can easily change as necessary. With digital signage, you can get a customer’s attention and even substitute basic posters with more engaging video alternatives.

4. Email marketing services

Social media may be your main way of informing customers and keeping in touch with them, but there are still people who prefer email marketing. This lets you target individual customers with new deals and offers; and you can see even greater success with dedicated email tools. These solutions give you a full view of your current email campaigns — while also showing their overall performance and click-through rates.

How to choose the right tools

The marketing services you use will go on to define your company’s success, so you will have to carefully consider which ones fit your needs. For example, your budget will determine if you use free or paid SEO tools

— the latter generally have more features. Many of these options provide free trials, which give you an opportunity to see if they would be a good long-term investment.

In any case, every tool behaves differently, and the one you pick may even come down to which one your team finds easier to use. It also helps if your tools can integrate with one another, such as if your email marketing platform can access your CRM data to improve its targeting. You may even prioritize scalability to make sure your tools can grow alongside the business.

Final thoughts

The 2024 business landscape looks to be one that will continue to value digital solutions, which you should reflect in your company’s marketing plan. However, physical advertisements such as customizable video wall displays are also sure to stand out.

Marketing is all about predicting and responding to the needs of your customers, even ones who have yet to make a single purchase. With the tools above, you can show leads the true value of your business.

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