Bettor’s Guide on US Over/Under Market by a BetZillion Expert Tim Harrison

Bettors with little or no betting experience might find it challenging to understand some betting terms. With this US over/under betting guide, you can determine whether a game will have more or fewer goals.

Over/Under Market in the USA Explained by Tim Harrison for ScopeNew

Most bettor’s first instinct, especially newbies, when entering a sportsbook is to place an outright or points spread wager. Because of its simplicity, outright bets are the most popular type of wager among bookmakers worldwide. You will set a stake on your favourite player or team. You will benefit if they win, and you will lose if they lose.

Interestingly, another type of wager provides the same feel as an outright wager while allowing you to support two sides simultaneously. It is the over/under bet.

ScopeNew spoke with Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, about the over/under betting market in the USA and how American bookies operate as regards this betting option. You will find out how it works, including the pros and cons.

What Does Over/Under Mean in Betting?

One of the most common gambling markets for bettors is the over/under wager. It is known as total bets and, in some cases, abbreviated as O/U on some bookmakers.

Here, you’re predicting the total number of goals, points or runs, not the precise score of the game.

The term “over betting” refers to wagering that the total goals or points scored in a game will exceed a predetermined mark or line set by bookmakers or that the total goals/points will go below a predetermined line in the case of under betting.

Since the total number of goals/points is what matters in this situation, the winning team is unimportant.

For instance, if you believe a football game will have three or more goals, visit your bookmaker and choose the event you want to wager on, then bet on the over 2.5 markets. You will win the bet if both teams score three goals or more in the game. In contrast, you will lose this bet if the total number of goals scored in the contest is less than three.

Things to Know About Over/Under Wager

Before placing an Over/Under wager, ensure you are familiar with the sport. For instance, you can get Over 190.5, Under 190.5, markets and so forth on top betting sites in the USA  and other regions for basketball.

Over/under markets are usually presented as half numbers to prevent confusion while settling a wager. Since it is impossible to score half a goal, the overall number of goals will always be at least 0.5.

However, some bookmakers set the goal line as a whole number. If you bet over or under the specified amount and the result falls perfectly within the line, you will get back your stake. For instance, if the bookmaker sets the goal line at exactly 2 and you place a wager on over or under 2, you will get your stake back if the game ends with two goals.

The good thing about the over/under market is that it applies to almost all sports. Goals determine the over/under market in soccer. In basketball, it’s the total points; in baseball, it’s the final score; in cricket, over/under bets may be available on total runs.

While the decimal, fractional and American odds are three popular odds formats used by bettors, the American odds format is commonly used in the United States of America and usually represented by the +/sign. So you may need to pay attention when you see something like that. To discover interesting facts about over/under betting, check this video

Examples of Over/Under Betting

You can best understand any sports betting term through examples. Let’s look at a few over/under instances to help bettors comprehend this type of betting.

  1. American Football: Philadelphia Eagles Vs New York Giants

The instance is an NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants, where the total points set by the bookmaker is 48.5 points. You will choose the Over market as a bettor if you think the game’s final score will be 49 points or higher. You will select the Under market if you think it will be 48 points or fewer.

If the teams scored 47 points in the game, the bettor that places an over bet would lose while the bettor that places an under bet will win.

  • Basketball: Los Angeles Clippers Vs Los Angeles Lakers

One more, an NBA game between Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers where the bookmaker sets the total at 220.5. If you place an over bet, you expect the outcome to be 221 points or more, and if you put an under bet, you expect the result to be 219 or less.

The above examples should give you an understanding of what the over/under bet entails now.

Factors to Consider When Placing an Over/Under Bet

When placing an over/under wager, one factor to consider is a team’s offensive and defensive metrics. The over-market is a smart move for teams with high scoring rates.

The weather is another issue that bettors need to consider for outdoor sports like football and baseball because it might impact a game’s result.

Starting lineups, injuries, travel fatigue, and head-to-head records also influence a team’s performance in a game. Therefore, it’s crucial to do your research on the teams involved before placing your over/under wagers.

Pros and Cons of Over/Under Market

Every betting market has its pros and cons. So, weighing both sides before deciding on the betting market to wager is essential. Here are the pros and cons of the Over/Under market.

Pros of Over/Under Market  Cons of Over/Under Market  

You don’t have to wait until a game finishes to find out the outcome of an over bet. You can withdraw your money and probably place another wager once the sides have scored the necessary goals.

You are betting on both sides when you place an over/under wager. You have no favourite team, and your only interest is in the goals they will score.

You have a 50/50 chance of winning when you wager on the over/under.
Depending on the bookmaker or sporting event you wager on, over/under betting might not take overtime into account.

The bookmaker can update the result of your under-bet wager after a few minutes of play. For instance, if you bet on under 2.5 and the first half of the game already features three goals, your bet is already lost before the second half of the game.

The weather and injuries may impact the outcome of your game and several other factors, thereby affecting your result.

Final word

The over/under betting market is a profitable option for bettors who can adequately analyze games before betting on them, as the aim of most sports is to score goals or points. However, no betting market gives a punter a 100% success rate. If you have yet to read this over/under guide, here is a chance to go back and read it. You will find out all you need to know about the betting market.