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Perhaps until you go into retirement, you never know what job you will probably retire from. A good example is Elicia Solis, who was once a police officer in the UK in 2006 and later developed much interest in a different career, which is the adult entertainment industry. Eventually, she had no option but to give up the police job and fully venture into recording X-rated videos for adults in the year 2013. The reason she couldn’t run these jobs concurrently was because it was against the conduct of the police.


It all started for her when she wanted something challenging rather than her police career, which she considered boring at the time. Currently, she is 44 years old, and from the look of things and her passion for this career, Elicia Solis has established herself as a prominent adult entertainer within the past 11 years since she started. In fact, she has created a staggering 100 adult videos that are top-notch and worth watching. Elicia Solis’s work is widely available on the top adult platform, Prnhub, where she has garnered a dedicated following of fans who appreciate her sensual and engaging performances.

Fortunately for her, she has been featured by top record labels like Brazzers, Fake Taxi, Fake Creampie, and many others. These features have opened a lot of doors for her, and she has become a sought-after performer in the adult entertainment world. Her collaborations with leading adult platforms highlight her status as a top performer in the industry, earning her a well-deserved place among the most recognized stars in the adult entertainment realm.


Elicia Solis possesses a striking appearance that is perfect for her job, and it’s probably the reason why audiences can’t get enough of her. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 112 pounds, with an athletic body stature, she carries herself with grace and allure. Try and go through her pictures on Instagram, and you will see something very obvious. Her brunette hair frames her features beautifully, complementing her brown eyes, which I can watch all day. She has a love for body art, which is why she has three butterfly tattoos on her left hand inked with black, and this really adds to her unique and edgy style. Additionally, she adorns herself with piercings that add a touch of charm to her look when she is in a sexy dress.

Facts Table of Elicia Solis Biography

Name / UsernameElicia Solis
CountryUnited Kingdom
Date of Birth20th July, 1980
Age44 yrs
Weight in pounds112 lbs
Weight in kilogram51 kg
Height in inches5 ft 5 in
Height in centimeters165cm
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrunette
PH Views60 million
Net wort$700,000
Wiki Summary of Elicia Solis

Age: How Old is Elicia Solis?

Elicia Solis was born on July 20th, 1980, under the zodiac sign of Cancer. She is currently 44 years old. People fortunate enough to be born under the Cancer zodiac are known for their nurturing and empathetic nature, traits that may contribute to Elicia Solis’s on-screen charisma and ability to connect with her audience. Her birthday on July 20th is a special occasion to celebrate her life and achievements, and it serves as a reminder of the talent and allure she brings to the adult entertainment industry.

Relationship Status

Most stars decide to hide their relationship status from the public for reasons best known to them. I decided to find out about the relationship status of Elicia Solis and found that she has declared her relationship status as “Unknown” on PH.

Net Worth of Elicia Solis

Ever since Elicia Solis entered the adult entertainment industry, she has done very well for herself. Getting feature gigs from reputable record labels has all given her a substantial income. However, most celebrities are not comfortable putting their net worth in the public domain. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to know their actual net worth. Despite this, we could estimate her wealth to be between $700k and $800k.

Where is Elicia Solis from and her Nationality?

Elicia Solis country of origin is United Kingdom. She is a British.

What are the interests of Elicia Solis?

Just like many stars do, She is the type that loves to watch movies, spend time with friends and also take nice photos of herself for her many followers on social media. She also likes to interact with her fans on social media a lot.

What is the real name of Elicia Solis?

Well, her real name we can predict is Elicia Solis.

Social Life

In this age of technology where there are over 2 billion users on social media, and, where people interact with each other, companies can interact with their consumers and more. Even though some celebrities don’t make themselves available on social media Elicia Solis has made sure not to be left out of the fun, she has joined several popular social media platforms. Below are some of the social media platforms you can find her on.

Elicia Solis Instagram account

Her Instagram account is: elicia_solis

Elicia Solis Twitter account

Her Twitter account is : @eliciasolis

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It is important to note that hard-working stars like Elicia Solis are noticed and celebrated. This gives them the energy and serves as a morale booster for them to do more than we expect of them.  She has a lifestyle that is motivating, captivating, and inspiring to other young ladies aspiring to be stars. It is therefore not surprising that her fans cherish and adore her a lot.

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