Cargo pants and tactical pants: similarities and differences

You might be wearing cargo pants without even knowing it! That’s because the term cargo pants have become common in fashion, making its way into everyday language. While many people understand what tactical pants are, they aren’t as familiar with what cargo pants are or how they differ from tactical pants. 

This article will compare and contrast these two clothing items, giving you an idea of what to look for when you shop for the best pair of cargo pants or the perfect pair of tactical pants that fit your lifestyle, needs, and personal sense of style.

The Similarities: Comfort and Durability

Cargo pants are known for their comfort and durability. Tactical pants, in addition to comfort and durability, are known for their features as well. One of the most significant differences between these two types of pants is the type of material they’re made from. Cargo pants are typically made from cotton or a cotton blend, while tactical pants can be made from nylon, polyester, canvas, or even wool. If you’re looking for comfort and durability over features, then cargo pants may be better suited.

Another difference is how each pair of pants fit differently for different people. Cargo pants tend to have bigger legs than tactical pants, which might make them more comfortable for someone who spends much time outdoors. While tactical pants provide more room in the thighs, waistline, and crotch area so that everything doesn’t get bunched up when moving around.

So if you’re shopping around for some new workwear, remember that both options come with benefits and downsides!

The Differences: Looks and Style

Cargo pants come with cargo pockets on the sides, whereas tactical pants come with side pockets that are more slim-fitting. Regarding style, cargo pants are meant to be worn looser and more extended than tactical pants. The material is thicker for durability and warmth in tactical pants but not so wide for comfort in cargo pants. If you’re looking for an everyday outfit for warmer weather, it’s best to go with cargo pants because they offer better breathability and airflow through the fabric.

They can also offer a broader range of mobility due to their loose fit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more appropriate for colder climates or when you need your clothing to have extra protection from water or debris, then choose tactical pants. They’ll be warmer thanks to their thicker material, and they’ll also provide more excellent abrasion resistance, which will keep them cleaner longer.

Another difference between these two types of pants is that while cargo pants feature belt loops on the backside, tactical pants do not. 

Which One Should You Choose?

What you choose depends upon why you need it and your line of work as well. tactical pants for women that are extensively functional with lots of pockets and rings. They are an excellent choice for their functionality as they work both for casual and workday wear especially if you are someone who loves doing outdoor activities or is in police or security work.

There is also a difference in price between the two styles as well.

The cost of a pair of cargo pants will usually range from $40-$150, whereas tactical pants tend to vary from $30-$300 depending on the quality of material and function.

Tac pants are typically made of a durable material like Cordura, which is made from cotton or nylon. These materials work well for abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and dry cleaning. The pocket design on tactical pants can also be a big difference between the two. Cargo pants often have one or two pockets in the front waistline area, while tac pants tend to have more pockets that are located closer to the thigh.

Cargo pants are a good option for when you’re on the go or need to carry things with you. In contrast, tactical pants are often made from lightweight materials like cotton, so they’re perfect for wearing during warmer months. If you have a job where your clothes must look tidy, then cargo pants might not be the best choice for you because they’re generally more casual. Conversely, tactical pants will do the trick if you don’t care how you look at work but want to wear something comfortable.

The prominent factor people overlook is how they plan to wear their chosen style. Remembering these factors will help you select the perfect type for your next event!

Critical Benefits of Wearing Tactical Pants over Cargo Pants

Tactical pants are made with a variety of different materials, like cotton, nylon, or polyester. They’re also typically more durable than cargo pants because they’re made specifically for law enforcement and military personnel. Plus, if you get the right pair of tactical pants, you’ll be able to carry all the things that you need on your person (like a gun) without feeling weighed down by anything extra.

Types of Cargo and Tactical Pants

Cargo pants are a staple of the casual dress code, but not all cargo pants are created equal. Depending on your style, you may want something with more pockets, an adjustable waistband, or different material. Here are five options that should fit any situation: 

EMT Tactical Pants

Designed for first responders, EMT pants are made using a blend of polyester and cotton. In addition to being durable, it allows easy machine wash and comfort for the wearer. 

Covert Tactical Pants

Law enforcement often requires concealing their weapon for a tactical advantage. Covert tactical pants, developed to fulfill the requirement, help them hide their weapon, and go undercover. 

Hiking Cargo Pants

With a lot of pocket space and durability, hiking cargo pants are the first choice for adventure enthusiasts. These pants also are perfect for camping, fishing, and other adventure sports. 

Slim-Fit Cargo Pants

Relatively modern, slim-fit cargo pants are made to be form-fitting rather than loose. They’re equally durable and comfortable to wear. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, there is no definitive answer on which type of pants is better. It all depends on what you need them for. If you’re looking for something more fashionable than functional, then go with cargo pants. On the other hand, if you’re looking for practical clothes that can withstand extreme conditions and need to be more flexible in how they can be used, tactical pants are the way to go.