Choosing The Right Vet Practice For Your Furry Friend

Ruby McKenzie
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Getting a new puppy or dog is so exciting. But it’s also a big responsibility to keep them happy and healthy. An important decision all pet owners have to make is finding the right vet. Your vet will be your partner in keeping your doggo in tip-top shape. This article has some great tips to help you pick an awesome vet practice like SutherLandVet for your precious pup.

Consider the Location

The first thing to think about is location. You’ll want a vet that’s close enough to home so that if an emergency comes up, you can get there fast. Make sure to search for vets within a 15-20 minute drive so you can get there quickly if needed.

Check Their Hours

Next, check out their office hours. Do they have evenings, weekends or walk-in hours? That flexibility really helps when your work schedule makes weekday appointments tough. Knowing you can drop in anytime is so convenient.

Ensure Experience with Your Breed

Of course you’ll want to make sure the vet is experienced with your dog’s breed. Certain breeds like Bulldogs or German Shepherds have special needs that vets trained in those areas understand best. And if your fur baby is a mutt, any good vet will give them loving care.

Look for AAHA Certification

It’s also good to choose a vet certified by the American Animal Hospital Association. This means they have high standards for their facility and doctors. The AAHA logo is a sign of quality care.

Evaluate the Facility

When you visit a potential vet’s office, make sure it looks clean, organized and inviting. The staff should be friendly too. This gives you a good feeling that your dog will be comfortable there. And don’t forget to ask lots of questions. Any great vet will take time to address your concerns.

Understand Payment Options

Find out what payment options they accept. Do they have payment plans? Many vet offices offer CareCredit which is super helpful to spread vet bills over time. Money stuff shouldn’t get in the way of your pup’s health.

Ask About Emergency Services

Check if the vet has emergency services or partners with an emergency clinic. Even though we hope it never happens, emergencies come up. So knowing your vet has a 24/7 plan in place provides peace of mind.

Check for Online Access

Do they have online access to your pet’s records, appointment requests and medication refills? That’s really handy for busy pet parents on the go. Digital vet care sure makes life easier.

Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, trust your gut feeling. Do you get good vibes from the vet and staff? Can you tell they really care about your furry family member already? Go where your pet will be treated with lots of love and compassion.


Finding the perfect vet for your dog may take some time and research. But having a vet you connect with and trust makes all the difference for your pet’s happiness and health. So get searching for that ideal vet partner to care for your canine bestie throughout their life

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