Common Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing A Wig

We all are prone to making mistakes, and literally, nobody is perfect. If you are an everyday user of wigs, making mistakes is common for a beginner, but these errors can be a little tricky to rectify immediately. Therefore, to help you make sure that your synthetic or real human hair wig looks perfect on you, we have compiled a few common everyday wig mistakes to avoid, and keep your wig safe and healthy, to slay every day at work or on any occasion! Let us have a look.

Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, your wig journey can be challenging with the following mistakes.

The wrong size

One of the most common wig mistakes is buying a wig of the wrong size. A wog which is not your size can open doors to plenty of other pitfalls. Not only does an unfitted wig appear distorted, but it can also cause a severe headache due to slipping repeatedly and too much discomfort while wearing. Therefore, a wig should fit perfectly on your head size, feeling secure without causing any pain or headaches.

To avoid buying a wrong size wig and later keeping it lying in your room just like that, make sure that you are aware of your head size and shape by measuring it correctly and comparing it with all the options you have for your desired wigs.

Improper attaching

Over the years, all wig users have involved themselves in a debate about the correct way to attach their wigs so that it does not fall off their place. This fear of the wig slipping off its place and eventually falling off discourages many people from wearing it and can also open doors to an array of other wig issues. For this reason, properly attaching your wig is necessary by taking proper measures. Although using combs, clips, and glue can give you the desired attachment, these methods are outdated today. They can cause severe discomfort and damage the skin and your hair. Therefore, it is best to attach your wog with the help of a head cap, which can secure the wig without damaging the delicate lace.

Cutting too much lace

Talong about wig laces, wigs with a lace-front are designed to provide a more natural look while wearing, without others guessing that those are not your natural hair. However, the most common mistake most people make is cutting off too much lace of their wigs, disrupting the wig line. Hence, if you are considering investing in a lace-front wig, but are unsure how much you should cut off, consider purchasing a pre-cut lace wig. These wigs are already cut to fit your head size, so you do not have to worry about removing too much lace from your wig.

Too much adhesive

Using a wig adhesive is the best way to secure your wig on your head, specifically frontal and full-lace ones. However, most people are not aware of the dark side of using wig adhesive. Let us tell you. Using too much wig adhesive can damage your wig and affect your scalp and hair. If you are an avid wig user, you should avoid using over-excessive glue and remove it correctly; otherwise, this can lead to various problems. Therefore, if you really want your wig to be safe and long-lasting, consider using head caps instead of adhesive, which can function similarly but more securely.

Using wrong products

When it comes to making the most common wig mistakes, using the wrong products can easily top the list of errors that most people make. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this mistake can be made by anyone, so it is necessary to double-check all products you are using on your wig to style or clean. For example, if you are using a human hair wig, do not use wig products designed for synthetic wigs. All the products come with clear labels mentioning the hair type they are most suitable for.

Ignoring the natural hair

Though wigs can entirely transform your overall appearance, giving you the desired locks you wish for, neglecting your natural hair cannot be justified. Just because your natural hair is tied up beneath your wig, it does not mean you ignore them and stop taking care of them at all. Even if you use your wig daily, try keeping your natural hair healthy and oil-free to avoid damage. Regularly wash and condition your natural hair to keep them moisturized and hydrated.

Rubbing the wig dry

The cringiest wig mistake anyone can ever make. When towel drying is not at all recommended for your natural hair, just imagine what it can do to your wig’s hair strands. Furthermore, whether human hair or synthetic, wigs are simply not designed to be dried or rubbed by a towel. The only way to dry your wig after washing is using a microfiber towel and pressing it against your wig to absorb the water. Once done, you can leave your wog on the wig stand to dry naturally or give it a little sun for the process to speed up!

Using heat

We are not asking you to completely cut off using styling tools on your wig. Heat can help a little, but you need to be cautious about a few things. Before using heat styling tools on your wig, ensure that the wig is made of natural human hair weave or heat-resistant. Hence, set the temperature to low, and voila!

Do not over expect!

All social media channels today are full of influencers and celebrities teaching us how to style our wigs differently. This overflow of the latter has made people think that their everyday wigs are not good enough, as they do not seem as perfect as the people they follow on Instagram and Facebook. However, expecting your daily wig to be like the ones you see online is a big mistake anyone can make. The wigs you see online are heavily-edited to appear so-called perfect, so do not let the internet tell you that your wig is not good enough!

Wrapping Up

There you are! These were some of the common wig mistakes we all make. Hence, if you have just begun or are a pro wig user, do not forget to refer to our wig maintenance guide to make your wig last longer and appear more natural and realistic. Good luck!