Craigslist Spokane How to Buy and Sell, New Offers, Safety

Ruby McKenzie
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In this new age, Selling or Buying on the internet is the way to go because its super easy, fast and effective. If you live in Spokane Washington there is an available platform known as the Craigslist Spokane which is a powerful platform by Craigslist for people to be able to sell their products in Spokane. Read on to know more about Craigslist Spokane, the platform that eases trade for everyone. 

The classified website is a great platform that was created for people to be able to buy and sell goods in the Spokane area. The site has been around since 1995, but this year it was updated and now offers a much better experience because of its new features. There are many benefits of using the website such as its search engine which allows users to find what they need quickly, well-organized listings with pictures, email notifications for potential buyers or sellers who have interest in their listing amongst other things. The site also provides links for social media pages on Facebook and Twitter which makes it easier for users to share information about themselves with others interested in their product or service. 


David a friend of mine was browsing the internet on the internet about 4 years ago when we visited Spokane, and he came across an Ad for a new microwave. The ad read “Microwave sale: $10” and the picture showed a white microwave with red trim on the top. He clicked into the post expecting to find more information but instead was redirected to this URL ( the homepage of this URL has the same design just like ( and the only difference is that Spokane is added to Craigslist in the URL. Exploring further we realized that it’s a sub-category of Craigslist made for the people Spokane to make their selling and buying on the platform more effective and secured. 

Why it is necessary to join the platform

Whilst platform might not be for everyone, I strongly believe you might need it even more than you think, you see on platform, you are able to sit at the comfort of your home, office and anywhere at all and still have the chance to view over millions of products or ads posted by sellers and also have the luxury of sampling prices to see which one you can afford with your budget. It easy and sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Another good thing is that instead of throwing your used shoe in the cabbage can and expect the cabbage collectors to come for it and still pay a monthly bill for your cabbages collected, I think you can publish those used products on Craigslist Spokane and quickly get someone to buy it and that money can be used to pay some bills giving you a great relief. 

How Does Craigslist Spokane work? 

Craigslist functionality in Albany New York will be the same as it is in Spokane, let me take you through a few tutorials on how Craigslist Spokane works. 

The parent platform, Craigslist was set to target two main category of users and they are; Sellers and Buyers. 

AS A SELLER: If you have as little as a spoon or as huge as an airplane to sell, you are both considered as sellers on the platform. The platform is available 24 hours every day for its users to be able to sell their products any time they so wish. As a seller you are required to post to products that are very legal and within the community guidelines of Craigslist Spokane. Also be sure to publish products that are available for sale. 

AS A BUYGER: Buying a product or requesting for services on Craigslist Spokane is very simple, just visit the Craigslist Spokane website and you will find several categories for you to choose from. Base on the product or services you are looking for, select a category that best represents it and browse through thousands of products within Craigslist Spokane.  

Incase if you find any product that interests you and you think you would want to further discuss with the owner or publisher, just click on the product and on the top left corner of the product you will find a “Reply” button which when you click on it will show you the number of the publisher or owner so that you can either give a call or email to them to find discuss about the product or service. 

How to stay safe on Craigslist Spokane 

Like many other online platforms Craigslist Spokane is also not immune from fraudulent activities that happens on the web, You the genuine user can prevent any fraudulent activity by being vigilant and not falling to whatever people just say on the internet. If you are selling any product on Craigslist Spokane and anyone tells you that they want to buy it and they will only pay by wiring the fund to you by western union or bank transfer it definitely means it’s someone trying to scam you. Also try to avoid bank checks by all means. 

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