Everything you have to know about a virtual office in Budapest

Business startup for non-Hungarians is simpler in Hungary compared to many other countries. It takes less time to complete the procedure as well.

This option also has several additional advantages. One potential benefit of launching a company within Hungary is that it serves as a doorway to the rest of the European Union. Hungary is a well-established industry and dependable infrastructure.

The incomes, other fees, and many other expenditures are cheaper compared to many other countries.

Last but not least, Budapest, the central city of Hungary, is a welcoming and secure area to begin your future business.

What is the procedure for starting a business in Hungary?

We would first examine the COR or Court of Registration to determine whether the requested business name is available. Our service will provide some other names according to your initial concept or idea if somehow the chosen organizational name has already been adopted by a different organization.

The moment the business name has been decided upon, the relevant foundation paperwork must be prepared and signed in order to start a business throughout Hungary. We will next arrange for the registration paperwork to be signed within our agency if you reside in Hungary.

The signature of the paperwork could be done inside your home nation, too, because it is not required inside Hungary. The documentation for forming the firm must, however, be notarized throughout this instance.

After obtaining the properly signed paperwork, everything will be delivered to the COR/Court of Registration, in which the establishment of the business is finalized. Usually, it will take one working day to complete the registrations.

What is FirmaX?

FirmaX was your go-to service provider throughout Hungary for comprehensive, competent organizational, administrative, financial, and auditing solutions. FirmaX is the best virtual office Budapest that you can find.

With years of combined expertise in corporation operations, our experienced group’s main objective is to offer customers every information and assistance they need to establish a great and successful commercial venture inside Hungary.

Assistance from virtual office Budapest would be a 100 percent assurance that your company will get the help, care, and up-to-date data and information it needs. FirmaX will assist you throughout your journey to concentrate on what’s most crucial: how to generate profits through your business.

Why Is Filmax your better choice?

Integral activities and services

 All of the services are provided by a single company, eliminating the requirement for professional collaboration.

Best values available

Packages for forming a corporation in Hungary as of today, including additional fees and filing expenses.

Downloads & learning facility for free

Free access to the most recent industry trends and data you require to launch or run your company throughout Hungary!

Solutions in tax and law

Efficient and competent assistant services at reasonable costs.


Throughout Hungary, a certified accountant may manage your records as soon as you open your company. During the end course of the year, they may also submit your overall financial statement. A lawyer may also make forming a corporation easier by representing the firm in front of Hungarian officials and judges.