Tips On Stardew Valley Furnace And Its Operation

The Furnace smelts ore into bars, which are used in several crafting recipes.

Clint gives the player the blueprint for the Furnace in a cutscene the morning after collecting at least 1 Copper Ore. Exit the farmhouse between 6am and 11:30am to trigger the cutscene. The Copper Ore can come from anywhere, including from a fishing treasure chest or from purchasing it from Clint directly.

If you have not yet met Clint when he comes to give you the blueprint, the meeting will count as an introduction.

A furnace is the reward for completing the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.

A furnace is used to change a Bouquet into a Wilted Bouquet.

The furnace will occasionally make the same sound as placing down wallpaper or flooring


To smelt any ore (or Bouquet), equip it and activate the furnace while there is Coal in inventory. One unit of Coal is required for each smelting operation, regardless of the material or duration.

InputOutputTime to smeltSells For
BouquetWhite Bouquet (1)10m100g
Copper Ore (5)Copper Bar (1)30m60g
Quartz (1)Refined Quartz (1)90m (1h 30m)50g
fire Quartz(1)Refined Quartz(3)90m(1h 30m)50g(*3)
Iron Ore(5)Iron Bar(1)120m (2h)120g
Gold Ore(5)Gold Bar(1)300m (5h)250g
Iridium Ore (5)Iridium Bar (1)480m (8h)1000g
Radioactive Ore (5)Radioactive Bar (1)600m (10H3000g

Furnaces outside the farm

It is possible to place chests and other crafted items outside the farm. Chests are useful for storing gifts close to the homes of Villagers who prefer them or to allow additional storage when Mining, Fishing, or Foraging. Worm Bins can be placed near fishing spots, Furnaces can be placed at the entrance to The Mines, and entire sections of the Valley may be utilized for Keg or Preserves Jar processing. Common Trees can be planted in tillable soil and tapped.

If a villager walks through the square where a crafted item was placed, the item will be destroyed. Below are player-created maps to indicate which tiles on the map are safe from villager-pathing. The tiles with the Rotten Plant should be safe.

Safe-pathing images of the interiors of homes and buildings can be found in the complete image gallery located at

Note that items placed on the docks at the beach may be destroyed by villagers during the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, or by Emily if married to her. The image below is accurate for players who do not attend the festival and don’t marry Emily.

Note for v1.5 only: Leo has additional pathing requirements


Sell Pricecannot be sold
Recipe sourceClint in cutscene after collecting 1+ Copper Ore
IngredientStone (25) Copper Ore (20)