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Giuliana Cabrazia is entertaining many men across the globe with her top-rated videos. When given the chance, she will open your eyes to a whole new level of adult entertainment. There is only one place where you can find her contents, and that is OnlyFans. Well, for those who do not know her yet, Giuliana was born on February 26, 1998, in Italy. The year 2020 was when she started her career in the adult industry, and she has never looked back ever since.

Noticed and Admired

Giuliana Cabrazia has a one-of-a-kind style and a real knack for what she does. People from all over the world are totally into her work and love how she can really connect with them. She’s got this amazing ability to make you feel things deep down, and it’s what makes her stand out from the rest. A good example is the recent videos she has been uploading onto her Instagram account, where she hits the street to interview random people about general matters. This has significantly contributed to her loyal following.

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Financial Success and net worth

Giuliana Cabrazia has had an impressive career for many years, and she has definitely made a fortune. She’s made the most of the money-making possibilities in the adult entertainment industry, which has helped her live a comfy and successful life. Her hard work and skills have made her one of the highest-earning adult performers, proving that she’s a total success in the industry. When you visit her page on OnlyFans, she has several subscription plans that are affordable for her audiences. A boom in subscriptions for her videos has put her net worth at $900,000.

Creating Over 600 Adult Videos

Giuliana Cabrazia’s commitment to her craft is evident in her extensive body of work, boasting over 600 adult videos. Each video showcases her versatility and commitment to delivering captivating performances. From passionate and intimate scenes to more adventurous and boundary-pushing content, Giuliana’s videos are a testament to her dedication and talent as an adult star.

Availability on Top Adult Platforms like OnlyFans

Giuliana Cabrazia’s popularity has led to her presence on various top adult platforms, including the renowned subscription-based platform, OnlyFans. This platform allows her fans to access exclusive content and engage with her on a more personal level. By leveraging platforms like OnlyFans, Giuliana has established a strong online presence and further solidified her status as a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry.

Wiki / Bio of Giuliana Cabrazia

Name/UsernameGiuliana Cabrazia
CountryUnited States of America
Date of Birth26th of February 1998
Age26 years
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth900k
CareerX-rated actress

Physical Appearance

What is her ethnicityWhite
What is her height in Inches?5ft 3in
What is her height in Centimeters?160 cm
What is her weight Kilograms?53 kg
What is her weight in Pounds?117 lbs
What is her hair Color?Brunette
What is her eye Color?Brown
Does she have a piercing?Yes
Does she have a tattoo?Yes

Valid social media accounts of Giuliana Cabrazia

Social MediaAccountFollowers
Twitter@gcabrazia1 million
TikTokGiuliana Cabrazia55k
YouTubeGiuliana CabraziaN/A

Who is Giuliana Cabrazia dating?

Giuliana Cabrazia is most likely single right now. I couldn’t locate anything on her social media accounts or the internet that suggested she was in a romantic connection. However, given her beauty, it would not be surprising to see her in a relationship in the near future.

Age: How old is Giuliana Cabrazia?

Giuliana Cabrazia was born on February 26th, 1998, making her 26 years old. Giuliana, a proud Leo, is known for her bold and confident personality, as well as a warm and generous heart that shines brightly in any room she enters. Every year on the 26th of February, Giuliana celebrates her birthday with joy and enthusiasm. She receives well-wishes from family and friends.

What is the height and weight of Giuliana Cabrazia?

Giuliana Cabrazia is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 117 pounds. She looks very pretty and cute. Which is a very important quality an X-rated content creator must possess. Example: her luscious brunette hair framing her face and her sexy, warm brown eyes. Like I said earlier, she is cute, and her petite stature adds to her unique charm, making her presence both endearing and memorable. In an effort to showcase her beauty and confidence, she has inked both sides of her arms with huge flower tattoos.


Giuliana Cabrazia’s journey in the adult entertainment industry serves as an inspiration to those who aspire to follow their passions. With her remarkable talent, dedication, and presence on top adult platforms like OnlyFans, she continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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