Give your Pet the Ultimate Reward with the GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot

Ruby McKenzie
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There’s a lot of talk these days about being the best pet mom or pet dad. And while we appreciate the debate – what does it really mean to be the best or to do it right? Well, here’s a suggestion: in order to be the best, you have to treat your pet right by giving them the newest and the latest

One thing that seems to be stuck in the dark ages is how we feed and reward our pets for their good behavior. The only options seem to be to hand out treats by hand, or use that clicker to reinforce good behavior for dogs, and with cats – who even knows what they want?! We know it can be frustrating at times to figure out what is the right thing to do.

Well, thank goodness that is what a new and exciting pet care brand called GULIGULI is offering to the world. They make smart pet products that take your pet parenting game to the next level and really make caring for your little furry guy or gal not only easier but much more high quality AND look good in the process.

We tried their new GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot and we cannot wait to share with you what it can do:

What can the Pet Companion Robot do? Here’s a breakdown of the main features:

  • Overall Versatility: The GULIGULI Pet Robot is in actuality a complete remote entertainment system for your pet – as it functions as an all-in-one pet toy, remote pet monitor, and feeding system – (more on this last part later!).
  • Controls: You access the robot from the GULIGULI phone app so you can be anywhere – at work or even away on vacation and check in on and play with your cat or dog. The app is also secure, available on Apple and Google devices, and allows you to interact with your pet in a variety of ways. 
  • Audio Channels: A two-way audio function via the app lets you speak with and listen for sounds from your pet as well. Picture it – you can talk to your pet from anywhere on planet Earth!.
  • Design: The robot is simply GORGEOUS LOOKING. We love the sleek, scientific white and black design. It’s something right out of Star Wars.
  • Build: The large, sturdy wheels in back combined with 360 degrees rotating wheel in front accomplishes a tripod like design that will easily get over any obstacles in your home – raised carpets, inclines, small items on the floor, etc. 
  • Camera: The movable 1080P Full HD camera lets you view your pet from anywhere so you can be away from home and still able to connect with your little furry friends – it pans left, right, up and down – very superb functionality on this camera. It also features night vision so you can see your pets and around the room in the nighttime or in dark corners of your living space.
  • Toys and Extras: It shoots out a red dot laser from the front of the camera so you can entertain your kitten for hours of exercise. You can also mount a feather attachment to the top or anywhere on the device.
  • Feeding: It has a treat dispenser – you can release snacks to your pets at any time, through 12 cartridges, so you have plenty of food to reward your dog or cat for good behavior.

Get Creative with Your Treats – GULIGULI Delivers

Okay – on this last piece, we want to highlight how cool the treat dispenser is and give you a few ideas that you can try out with your pets. So say you have a late night at work and can’t really make it home in time to feed your little kitty. Not a problem! Just release a pod or two of treats from the pet robot while you’re sitting in your office. Stuck in traffic at the end of the day or stuck in a long subway ride, or any other breakdown? Well, now you don’t have to rely on anyone for anything! Let’s face it – we all have that friend that just doesn’t show up when you need her. Well, just one click of the app and your little furry friend will get sated for a few hours, giving you time to get home and finish the job. Or maybe something unexpected comes up – a hot date, a new offer, a victory at work and everyone wants to go out for drinks. You’re sitting at the bar and then remember your little guy from the reminder in your phone. Well, GUILIGULI has you covered. Not only can you send your love with a shot of treats, but you can also check in on your little guy through the 2-way voice feature and tell them that you’re sorry and that you love them anyways.

I think we all need a little reminder of how to love our pets better. Spread love the GULIGULI way with their Pet Companion Robot and treat your pet good, treat your pet right!

After all, the reward of love for both you and your pet will be endless.

To learn more about GULIGULI and their Smart Pet Companion Robot you can visit their online store at Amazon.

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