Tips On Stardew valley Graveyard And Its Operation

The Graveyard is located just to the west of the Mayor’s Manor. There are 4 gravestones located within its gates, 3 of which have further information if clicked on.


There are 4 gravestones within the roughly 300 square tiles that are the Graveyard.


The only gravestone with a name attributed to it, it sits in the middle of the top 3 stones.

Abigail can be seen sitting next to Mona’s gravestone during her 6-heart event. She also stands in front of it, depending on her schedule.

Old And Faded

The gravestone to the left of Mona’s reads:

Dwarvish Headstone

After obtaining the Dwarvish Translation Guide, the gravestone to the right of Mona’s reads:


The stone that is the bottom left of the four is currently unclickable.