Here are 7 Things to Look for While Preparing for PTCB Test

Are you on your journey to becoming a certified pharmacy technician? Believe it or not, this is a massive milestone, and you should be proud of yourself for getting this far. You will soon happily say goodbye to long nights of endless studying with your friends. The hard work has paid off!

But before you can unleash the fireworks and celebrate becoming a CPhT, you must pass the Pharmacy Technician Board Exams first, commonly known as PTCB. We know that you will have to take this exam may give you sleepless nights and truckloads of anxiety, but you don’t have to put yourself through that.

You must know that the proper practice for the PTCB test can take you a long way. You will be better prepared to take the test and come out with flying colors. All you need is the proper guidance, and we are here to do that.

This guide will help you ace the PTCB test. We have enlisted some vital information and a few hacks to ensure you don’t leave anything to chance on your exam day. So, continue reading to find out.

Things to Know Before the PTCB Exam

Understanding the pharmacy tech test is crucial if you wish to succeed. You should know how long you will have to complete the test and how many questions you must answer.

Also, before taking the exam, you must go through the latest guide published by the organization itself. Last year’s guidance might not apply if the rules somehow change. So, always find the latest and authentic information on the internet and go with that.

  • The PTCB test is a computer-based exam conducted yearly at 1,400 verified test centers.
  • The total time to complete the exam is 2 hours, in which you will get 5 minutes for the tutorial and 5 minutes for a post-exam survey.
  • The total number of questions on a PTCB exam is 90, in which 80 questions are scored and ten unscored, placed randomly throughout the test.
  • The attendees will be able to see their unofficial scores on the test right after the submission. However, the official results are announced after 2-3 weeks.

7 Things to Look for While Preparing for PTCB Test

The PTCB exam can be challenging and intimidating, but you will only succeed if you’re well-prepared. So whether it is a PTCB test or any other exam, the only way to get through is if you start studying long before the exam day.

So, here are a few things that will help you out while you’re preparing yourself for the PTCB test.

  1. Take Practice Tests

Taking a free pharmacy technician test is something we always recommend to our readers if they wish to ace their exam. Someone who has never given a board exam before may not know what they are up for.

So, a practice or a mock test will prepare you for what’s to come. You will be able to learn time management, you will learn to perform under duress, and at the end, you can calculate how well you scored. So, while at it, take as many practice tests as possible before the exam day.

  1. Pay Attention to the Top 100 Drugs

Although you will find many hidden questions on the test, the purpose of assessing your abilities in this final exam is to understand whether you can handle the daily workload in the pharmacy and distinguish between several similar medicines.

So, instead of studying on a broader scale and grasping unorthodox information as a pharmacy technician, learn more about standard and everyday drugs used in hospitals and pharmacies. This way, you will have more grip over the subject matter, which will also be asked during the exam.

  1. Focus on Your Math

The PTCB test involves several questions that need conversions, formulas, and calculations. While you may think that a match isn’t necessary to pass this exam, you can be wrong. So, focus on your math and learn the formulas you’ve been taught by heart.

  1. Time Management

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Regardless of what test you’re going to undertake, the importance of time management will get you through. Schedule your study time into your calendar, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Life is already busy, and you will never find the time if you can’t make the time yourself. So, be more proactive about how you will manage your studies with your personal and professional responsibilities.

  1. Don’t Forget Flashcards

Pharmacy technicians must be aware of several in-depth terms. We understand how it can be difficult for you to remember them. So, use flashcards to memorize them. You can make some of your own or download them on your phone. Peek at them whenever you find the time.

  1. Take Breaks

While we emphasize studying hard, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks. On the contrary, studying excessively can make things difficult for you, and you might not even be able to grasp all the information if you haven’t rested or eaten well.

With all the data that you will need to be studying, your brain can only comprehend as much. With breaks in between studying, you can get too overwhelmed. So, take care of your health if you wish to ace the PTCB exam.

  1. Study as Many Manuals

Various manuals are available online and in the market that enlist drugs, procedures, and regulations. Study these manuals cover-to-cover, and don’t forget to underline the things you couldn’t grasp. 

Final Verdict

Studying for the PTCB exam may seem tricky in the beginning. That is mainly because you don’t know where to start. This is why you must stay in touch with the coursework and start studying for the final exam the day you take your first class.

But don’t worry, following the tips we have suggested, you can make the most of your time and work efficiently on your exam. Take time out for studying, and don’t forget to take PTCB practice tests. Once you take a test, you will see the massive difference it will make in your preparation.

We hope these tips help you ace your PTCB exam.