Holiday depression ”hits” 60% of the planet – Top 3 tips to belong to the 40%

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to take stock of what we have achieved in recent months. It’s also an opportunity to make a new wish list for a more fulfilling future than we’ve experienced so far. The holidays are basically the time when we put an end to a period in our lives and open the door to new life opportunities. Sadly, more than half the world’s population experiences anxiety and depression that overshadows enthusiasm for the future. Unfinished projects, work routines, imbalance between work and family life, financial failures – all these and more create panic and anxiety, turning the holidays into a disaster. If you find yourself in the above lines, know that the stage you are going through is perfectly normal and fleeting.

What should the ”holiday list” look like for a successful atmosphere?

Many people choose to talk to a specialist to understand their feelings and calm their emotions before it’s too late. We offer a series of practical and enjoyable tips to help you ward off the shadows that lurk around you and take away the magic of the holidays.

  • Prioritize only pleasant ‘duties

The holidays, whatever they are, are about happiness, warmth, excitement and quality time spent with you. So stick strictly to visits you enjoy, make sincere gestures to your loved ones and forgo invitations out of obligation, unnecessary spending, chaotic shopping and the idea of everything going the way you see in the movies. 

  • Loneliness means focusing on the present

Second on the list of reasons that make people feel depressed is loneliness, which becomes even more overwhelming on holidays. If for whatever reason the holidays catch you lonely, then use this to your advantage. Plan a solo ski holiday. Go out for seasonal events, invite your friends over for a night of movies and stories, or give yourself time to do something you haven’t had time to do before. 

Restore emotional balance through Fujiiryoki massage chair therapy while watching a movie or reading a relaxing book. An hour of massage gives you the opportunity to balance yourself emotionally, stabilise yourself physically and release endorphins into your body, which increase well-being.

  • Take a break from Social Media

With the holidays, social media abounds with pictures of happy faces and dreamy holiday landscapes. Automatically, comparisons to one’s own life are triggered in the viewer’s mind and obviously, frustrations and complexes begin to creep in. Life online is an unrealistic filter, because the pictures don’t show worry, tiredness or exhaustion, only what people choose to show publicly.

Seasonal upheavals are inevitable, but it’s up to you to be part of the 40% of people who haven’t experienced them. Self-discipline, prioritizing the things that really matter, and disciplining your mind to see the positive are effective tactics by which the holidays are happy in reality, not just on Social Media.

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