How Connected TV Retargeting Works: A Beginner’s Guide

Connected TV retargeting makes it easier for marketers to connect with that many more people in their target audience. Retargeting through streaming services empowers businesses to establish inroads with customers who otherwise would not have been exposed to those companies and the merits of their value offerings. This unique approach to customer engagement ultimately establishes what every business is looking for: legitimacy along with brand exposure that has the potential to prove indelible. Let’s take a look at how this form of marketing works.

Connected TV Retargeting Basics

Advertising through connected TV retargeting makes use of first-party information to zero in on website visitors with streaming ads. The majority of marketing professionals lean on programmatic TV ad platforms to implement the ads simply because connected TV has some inherent complexities and a learning curve.

Programmatic TV ads are an automated process in which video or display ads are presented on digital platforms. Artificial intelligence manages programmatic TV ads for optimal efficiency.

Strategic Connected TV Retargeting

Connected TV retargeting highlights users who viewed ads on separate programmatic ad channels. Retargeting also targets individuals on connected TV who viewed the site of an advertiser. This technology has even advanced to the point that it can target users on connected TV who visited the brick-and-mortar store through cross-device tech.

A display banner ad can also be used for retargeting following a period of prospecting on connected TV with advanced tech. This tech, commonly referred to as cross-device, has proven quite accurate and effective for device association based on each idiosyncratic user. Cross-device graphing along with checks and balances comprise the tech’s technical components.

In the end, retargeting through the cross-device approach presents the ads before users regardless of the device they are using. Connected TV campaigns can now serve relevant display ads to those who have viewed the campaign-connected TV ads, guaranteeing the advertiser’s message is uniform throughout all devices, remaining at the forefront of the minds of the members of the viewing audience. The optimal use of connected TV retargeting succeeds in engaging users as they exit the site and begin to watch TV, surf the web on their smartphone or answer laptop emails.

Recognize the Potential Impact of Connected TV Retargeting

In the end, what matters most is that companies and advertisers connect with viewers in a manner that makes a meaningful impression and a potentially lasting impact. Connected TV retargeting does exactly that.

Retargeting makes use of first-party data to zero in on-site visitors with impactful ads streamed on the internet. Such retargeting can be performed on a wide array of streaming devices, casting as wide of a connected TV retargeting net as possible.

For example, Chromecast, Apple, Amazon Firestick and Roku are some of the top streaming avenues that serve as important conduits that connect businesses to customers. However, these aren’t any old prospects. They are customers who have shown a legitimate need or desire for the product or service presented through connected TV retargeting.

Focus on Maintaining Engagement

The overarching aim of strategic retargeting through streaming video is to keep the target audience fully engaged. After all, one-time exposure to a single ad aired on a streaming video service, traditional TV or another medium probably won’t be enough to convert a prospect into a customer. Re-engage those exposed to your brand through strategic connected TV retargeting and you’ll maintain engagement, reinforce the initial message, remind the target customer of your company and heighten the chances of a conversion.

Above all, connected TV retargeting works because of its comparably high efficiency. Instead of paying for viewers who are uninterested in the ad or spending, choose retargeting and you’ll zero in on prospects who are most likely to convert, ultimately making the most of your limited advertising dollars.

The money you spend for connected TV retargeting will prove highly efficient, maximizing impact and ensuing conversions at a rate that would not be possible if you strictly attempted to expand your company’s reach to new audiences. This is the most efficient form of streaming ad technology available to businesses, advertisers and other parties looking to make meaningful and potentially permanent connections with customers.

If you are interested in connected TV, connected TV retargeting or connecting with audiences through new forms of technology, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance. Consider the merits of CTV advertising platforms along with retargeting, implement those strategies and it won’t take long to ramp up connections with target customers.