How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Kitchen

Planning a kitchen renovation is no easy task. There are so many important factors in a renovation that it can be overwhelming when deciding on which design to go with. In this blog article, I take you through the criteria for choosing which types of kitchen sink you would like to use and which combination of sinks may be the best fit for your kitchen.

What are the different types of kitchen sinks?

In the earlier days of kitchen sinks, they mostly served functions to wash a multitude of dishes. Over time, features like blowers, waste connecting systems, and spray arms were added. Nowadays, kitchen sinks are more specialized in wet or dry kitchens. A different choice is between American Standard Gravity Flow and the European Akzentra Plus factory-installed pot filler faucet that has hidden functions with no spray arm.

What are the features, benefits and disadvantages of a combo sink?

Choosing a kitchen sink is important. Most importantly, it needs to stand the test of time and be able to be cleaned easily with ease. A combo sink could be seen as the best choice because it can provide features such as multiple bowls, knobs, ice-makers, and so on. However, a combo always comes with some sort of disadvantage whether it be the number of bowls or difficulty cleaning parts.

Basic tips for choosing your stainless steel sink

Stainless steel is a very durable and popular material that often is used in sink manufacture. There are many brands, types of sinks in this metal. Here are the things you should ask before purchasing:

a) What type of material will I be using my sink with? (stand-alone or under counter).

b) What size is best for my washer and dishwasher?

A deep sink will have more than one bowl but could be difficult to clean

Your kitchen sink is the most overlooked part of your kitchen. No detail goes unnoticed when cashing out a new purchase in the kitchen, but a deep sink will often be used as an afterthought. This is usually because many people like to save space when they remodel and choose a single bowl or even clear glass design. Although these metal sinks can look attractive at first glance, they can prove to be very difficult to clean. A deep sink with multiple bowls provides more surface area for cleaning and is much easier to maintain in everyday use.

A single bowl is perfect for small kitchen spaces

Choosing a sink for your kitchen can be tough. The whole idea of choosing a type is to find the best one that fits your budget and space. There are no hard instructions on whether a “small” or “large” kitchen requires a single-bowl or over-sized sink respectively, but there are some ways you can figure it out:

Other types of kitchen sinks include grid/percolated sinks

There are a few different types of kitchen sinks, all ranging from the most basic to the one that will match your home design. The most common type of sink is the grid or percolated sink. Both types are less costly in comparison to other sinks such as slab and subway style. They feature a large basin made of either ferrous metal or copper, copper spigots and drain, plus they have to be vented using a fan and a flange. Cast iron sinks need the highest level of ventilation yet are strong and durable.