How to Create Your Own Document Management System? Modern Tools

The effectiveness of a company’s management depends to a certain extent on how well it organizes its document management. After all, this process and management activities are closely linked. The speed of obtaining information necessary for decision-making determines how quickly document management is carried out and transmitted for execution.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is an automated multi-user system or program, implemented in an enterprise, which enables collaborative work of employees with different electronic documents.

The implementation of electronic document management allows for:

  • create a single data repository;
  • to systematize documentation;
  • speed up work within the team;
  • streamline the company’s paperwork.

Electronic document management allows you to create a single information space by combining everything you need into an information hub. The integration is carried out without losing the quality of the document handling. The basis for the implementation of such a system is the creation of a reliable repository as well as tools for working with documents.

Types and Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Depending on the purpose and objectives, a distinction is made between internal and external document management:

  • Electronic document management within an organization allows for the exchange of documents within different divisions and departments of the same company.
  • External is the exchange of documents between the company and counterparties, which include customers, partners, government control bodies and other third parties.

Benefits and functions of electronic document management systems:

  1. Transparency of the company’s activities. Every document, task or process is recorded in the electronic document management system, which simplifies the control of deadlines, monitoring, analytics, planning.
  2. Reduced time for operations with documents. The head and employees of the enterprise cope much faster with such actions as creation, search, coordination, approval, sending, checking and others.
  3. Ease of working with electronic documents. Document management software provides delimitation of access rights, automatic downloading from the catalog, use of templates, editing and control.
  4. Increased responsibility of the company’s employees. Owing to the notification system, the employees will not be able to forget about any task and time recording will allow the management to plan assignments between the employees in a more effective way.
  5. Improved quality of service for clients. The movement of electronic document flows is much faster and clearer than in offline mode, and therefore frees up time for a more attentive and individual approach to each client.

There are various electronic document management systems and in order to get to know the work of the system in detail, we should consider an example of using such a document management tool. One of the most popular systems is the Pandadoc platform, which offers users all the conditions for creating a quality document management tool.

Creating Your Own Document Management System with Pandadoc

PandaDoc offers a versatile document automation platform that helps rapidly scalable teams accelerate the processes of creating, managing and signing electronic documents, including quotations, estimates, contracts, etc.

To create a workable document management system for your company, all you need to do is subscribe and start using the service to create, store and use all documents.

PandaDoc helps you create the necessary documents thanks to a large number of templates that can be edited to fit the requirements of a specific company. The functionality of the service also allows users to collaborate with documentation, which saves time and facilitates communication between the various departments of the company. Also in PandaDoc there is a possibility to manage access, thanks to which documents can be used, edited or viewed only by a competent employee.

Another useful function which PandaDoc offers is electronic signatures. You can use it to visor internal documents of a company as well as to support the external workflow, signing agreements with contractors, without having to travel to your meetings.

As you see, the creation of an electronic document management system based on PandaDoc is able to greatly facilitate the work of the company at all levels and optimize the functioning of all departments of the enterprise.