How To Help Your Child Get The Most Out Of Their Education

Your child’s education will play a very significant role in their life. Their education will determine their suitability for certain jobs, their hobbies, and their friends. It’s fair to say then that a child’s education is, with all of this in mind, the single most important factor in their future success.

If you want your child to have a bright future, then you need to help them to get the most out of their education. However, that’s easier said than done. A lot of children detest school.

This post will tell you what you can do to make sure your child’s schooling is a positive experience for them, and that they get the most out of it.

11+ Exam

The 11+ exam is given to children in Year 5 or 6. The exam’s purpose is to determine their suitability for grammar schools or independent schools. If you want to increase your child’s chances of going to a good school and later a good university, then you should be downloading the Best 11 + Practice Papers online and print them out for them. Helping your child to prepare for this exam could get them a place in a very prestigious school. The better the school that they go to is, the more likely they will be to succeed in life.

Providing Support

If your child is struggling with a particular topic or subject, then help them. Even if you yourself aren’t an expert in the area that they are struggling with, you can always use the internet to help you. Providing your child with academic support can be one of the most effective ways of supporting their education. Many parents just ignore their children when they are struggling because they are more concerned with work or their own lives.

Encourage Reading

You should encourage your child to start reading books from an early age. A lot of parents give their children Narnia books to start with because they are easy for children to read and understand. The good thing about the Narnia books is that they are very philosophical, also. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings franchise is also a popular choice. As your child gets older, begin recommending authors like Dostoevsky, Faulkner, Joyce, Solzhenitsyn, and Tolstoy to them.

Playing Games

Education games can be a highly effective way of contributing to your child’s education. A lot of children sit at home playing video games when they finish school or on the weekend. Video games, despite being very fun, will contribute nothing to your child’s future. It’s a lot better for you to encourage your child to play games like chess or to complete puzzles if you want them to perform well academically. If you can, then you should sign your child up for a club devoted to any academic games that they are interested in. Try to get them to play actual physical games, instead of game clients on their computer (i.e., online chess).

Joining Clubs

If your child shows no interest in games, then you could sign them up for a sports club. Sports can be very good for children. Not only can sports help them to become fitter, healthier, and stronger, but they can also help them to make friends. Making friends can make school a lot more manageable for young people. If it is possible for you, then try to enroll them in a sport that’s more associated with private schools, like rugby or cricket. Your child will make good connections and friends in such sports clubs.

Quiet Living

Many children spend all of their time glued to computers, smartphones, and televisions. They live in a constant state of noise. If they aren’t listening to a video then they are playing a game. A good way to increase your child’s educational performance, and intelligence, and improve their behavior, is to create a quiet environment for them to live in. This means no television and no electronics. If you want to have these things for yourself then make sure that they are turned off for the majority of the day and are only turned on during certain times, or as a reward.

Additional Education

If you think that your child isn’t performing well in school, then you may want to get them a tutor. Hiring a tutor can be a great way of boosting your child’s intelligence and encouraging learning outside of school. Make sure you are very selective when you are choosing a tutor. You need to hire one who’s qualified, experienced, and has good reviews. You may want to speak to other parents you know and ask them for recommendations. You could also conduct online searches. The best tutors are likely to be those with the highest domain authority, meaning those who show up at the top of Google’s search listings.

Teacher Contact

Make sure that you maintain regular contact with your child’s teachers. A lot of parents make the mistake of only ever communicating with and seeing their children’s teachers on parent’s evening. However, maintaining communication with your child’s teachers throughout the year will help you to check up on how they are performing and also find out if they are behaving badly. You should also encourage teachers to get in touch with you if they have any concerns. Make yourself constantly available to them.

Watch Documentaries

Finally, if you are going to watch television with your child, then try to only watch documentaries. Don’t make the mistake of exposing your child to cartoons and pointless television. These shows are like drugs for children and have absolutely no benefit for them. While they might be a good way of placating your child, they will hinder their academic performance. Documentaries can be a good way of exposing your child to television whilst simultaneously helping them to improve their memories, knowledge, and intelligence. You could test them on things that you have watched together in documentaries at the end of each week to see if they are absorbing the information.

Your child’s education is something that you need to invest a lot of time into. Neglecting your child’s education could lead to them performing badly. Bad academic performance can prevent them from achieving things in life.