How to make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley and its uses

Did you know you can make oil from Truffle? Well in Stardew Valley, you are able to make oil out of Truffle to be able to execute certain missions. Now, the question is; How do you make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley?

Making oil from Truffle

Truffle Oil is an Artisan Product prepared from a Truffle in an Oil Maker. Producing it takes 6 hours. Despite the fact that it is classified as a “gourmet cooking component,” no cooking recipes call for it, yet it is utilized to make the Rain Totem. in fact, Truffle Oil is an option for the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry.

Summary of Truffle Oil

SourceArtisan Goods
Healing Effect38 Energy, 17 Health
Selling Price1,065g
Artisan Profession1,491g

Artisan Goods

EquipmentOil Maker
Processing Time360m
Ingredients1 Truffle


To make the dyeable Dark Bandana Shirt, pour Truffle Oil into the spool of the Sewing Machine. It could be used as a yellow dye at Emily and Haley’s residence, 2 Willow Lane, where the dye pots are situated.


On the 21st of Summer (year 2), Mayor Lewis seeks Truffle Oil via mail in the “Mayor’s Need” Quest. The prize is 750g of gold and one friendship heart.