How to Privately Sign Up for Websites with Mandatory Mobile Phone Number Verification

Staying private on the internet is essential. Every day thousands of users regularly fall victim to fraudsters who are regularly coming up with new methods of deception. In addition, there is also such a thing as the sale of personal data to third parties and data leakage. Not everyone is ready to take that kind of risk and thereby would like to get around mobile phone number verification when signing up for different websites. Thanks to the advancement of technology, this is not something impossible today. You can buy an online phone number for verification and do that with this feature.

How do online numbers function?

The main purpose of such numbers is to receive text messages with verification codes from websites or apps that require going through verification of the mobile phone number.

Technically, they are very similar to mobile phone numbers that we use with our smartphones. Online numbers also operate in networks of official cellular operators and are associated with SIM cards issued by those operators. However, they are not the same. While regular numbers are used with mobile phones, online numbers are used with specialized web services.

To use them, the potential user doesn’t even need a mobile phone. Everything takes place online. That being said, it is sufficient to have any device and an online connection to take benefit of these numbers. Furthermore, this also makes them available all around the world. They can be used in any country.

Who can utilize this feature?

Some people believe that online phone numbers are available solely to someone with some sort of permission or who works for a huge corporation. However, the truth is that any person can use them despite the goal. Everything there to do is go to the relevant platform on the internet. These are public and usually require completing a basic registration to have access to their features.

Online numbers are also inexpensive. Even though their price is affected by a variety of factors, it is usually less than a few tens of cents and rarely surpass one dollar. As a result, this solution is not only available for everyone technically but also pretty affordable, especially compared to purchasing a new SIM card.

Service for obtaining an online phone number

SMS-Man provides one of the simplest ways for taking advantage of this technological solution. Its stock is represented by numbers from over a hundred different countries. Since they work directly with suppliers, they have access to online numbers with international dialing codes that many other similar companies don’t provide.

There are also over a thousand supported websites and apps. You can use their numbers for KakaoTalk sign up as well as for registration on other popular services such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Here is how it is used for the appropriate purpose:

1. Go to and create an account. It is possible to do so with an email address or profile on Google, Facebook, Telegram, or GitHub profile.

2. Navigate to the payment tab. There are several recharge options available. Choose one and use it to top up your account.

3. Open the main page where it is necessary to set up parameters for your online phone number.

4. Select the issuing country of the online number and online service for which you are going to sign up.

5. Place your order by clicking the purchase button.

The number will be given to you automatically. You simply need to copy it and proceed to the registration page of the selected service. Once there is a need to provide a phone number for verification, enter the online number that you have purchased before. Then go back to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS” to reveal the verification code, which should be used to finish registration.

The task has been completed. You’ve successfully signed up for the required website without using your own number and now can no longer worry about your privacy.