How to track your employees time and attendance – 2022 Guide

By monitoring the employee time and attendance, you establish control over the entire business. In that case, you establish a better organization over various business processes such as payroll, invoices and others. In this way, you make more profit, because you have complete insight into the movement of money. If your plan is not going in the right direction, all you need is to re-prioritize the tasks.

Regardless of the size of your company, keeping track of employees isn’t always the easiest task. The main reason is the lack of transparency and accountability, difficulties in creating work schedules, etc. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to meet all your needs.

Attendance registers

The traditional way of tracking employee time and attendance involves manually entering data on the arrival/departure of employees. For example, you can place physical booklets at the reception desk that will be available to employees. In them, they will record their movements during working hours. Therefore, employees will not only record their arrival and departure from work, but also their breaks.

However, this method has many weaknesses. So it’s best to have this as your backup plan in case of bad internet connection and other technical problems. Even if this is your only method, make copies of your data. Regularly enter employee notes into a spreadsheet tool such as Excel or Google Sheets.


The sign-in/sign-out sheet has been around for a long time. However, the use of technology has made the employee time and attendance tracking much simpler. You can choose the basic level of the login/logout form. That’s just a few columns at the basic level. Each column has its own name. For example, the first column is used to enter basic information about employees, the second is filled in when arriving at work, and the third is filled in after the end of the shift.

These lists are generally managed by managers who are in charge of a specific group of employees. What is characteristic of each group is the specific tasks they perform. Therefore, it is important to clearly separate these groups.

Keep records of data properly

It’s important to regularly enter employee data, but you also need to gather as much information as possible about customers. Check how they heard about you, why they decided to work with you, who helped them make the decision, etc. Try to gain insight into the sales funnel to access important data. In this way, it will be easier for you to conclude which employees are brilliant stars in their work. Many employees spend a lot of time at work, but do not achieve good enough results. In that case, it is necessary to motivate them or change the way of doing business.

Employee time management software

You achieve the most effective time management with software. Thanks to automatic synchronization, employees will be fairly paid for their time spent at work. You will not face time theft, incorrect login and many similar problems. You will also accurately create employee schedules, shift templates and manage various functions.


Unfortunately, some businesses are still not that focused on tracking employee hours. It is especially difficult to establish control over work processes in companies where employees are paid by the hour. If you use appropriate methods for tracking employees’ time, you will make smarter and more efficient business decisions.