Is a Diamond Bracelet a Good Investment?

We loved it when we heard about Marie Antoinette’s bracelet that was sold at an auction for a whopping $8 million. Does this mean a diamond bracelet is a good investment? That’s what you’re going to learn in this post.

It’s true that nothing can replace the charm of a sparkling diamond necklace and bands on a wedding day. Combined with intricate metals and jewelry, natural or lab-grown diamonds can give you the perfect combination for gifting and wearing purposes. A solitaire ring, for instance, has particular sentiments; it’s always close to the heart of the ones you’re gifting.

But diamonds are more than just for looks and emotions. For example, your engagement ring may be a piece of art, but it’s also worth a hefty price, making it one of your most valuable assets. In general, diamond jewelry is also a great asset for investment purposes.

What Makes a White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet So Valuable

Even though diamonds are so invaluable on their own, their combination with rare metals like white gold and platinum can enhance their value by several notches. Moreover, if it’s a vintage solitaire diamond or a classic tennis bracelet, jewelry lovers would be queuing up to pay extra bucks to get their hands on these items.  

That’s why the prices of diamonds generally go up all the time, which makes them a great asset from an investment point of view.

Factors That Increase the Diamond Value

The value of a diamond generally remains stable, especially if they are loose diamond. However, some critical factors play a vital role in maintaining or fluctuating the price of a diamond or its derived jewelry. Here is a quick look at the factors.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet’s Color

Firstly, the diamond color is pivotal in affecting its overall value. For instance, if you have a diamond tennis bracelet, you can figure out its worth by looking at it. How?

A diamond that is the closest to colorlessness has the highest value. It means that a less-colored diamond will sell for higher. Hence, if your diamond bracelet is more towards the yellow side, it’s less valued than a clear diamond.

But here, it’s also important to mention a few exceptions. For example, the colorlessness rule holds for yellowish diamonds. However, diamonds with pink or bluish tones are worth more than regular ones. 

The good thing is that you have a lot of options for choosing the perfect diamond bracelet. 

  • You can go for a crystal-clear appearance that goes with almost all dress types – or, 
  • You can make it more royal with those blue diamonds.

Both these options are viable from an investment point of view as well.

Individual Diamond Clarity

The clearer the diamond, the higher its value. That’s because natural diamonds are buried deep under the earth, so they tend to have natural blemishes and birthmarks. Diamonds without these marks are rare, which means they are more expensive.

Therefore, a lab-grown diamond can be expensive and a good investment. These diamonds are grown in a lab in a controlled environment. So, the output is much finer and gives the same clarity and sparkle as a naturally grown diamond. Diamond bracelets made from these diamonds are more classy due to their clarity which makes them in style.

Diamond experts evaluate diamond clarity on different levels such as Flawless, Internally Flawless, Included, Slightly Included, etc. So, if you have a high-clarity diamond tennis bracelet, it will be worth much more than a regular bracelet.

Cut and Weight

The diamond cut is one of the significant factors that affect its price. The priciest diamond cut is the round brilliant that can cost more than $500 million. On the other hand, the heart-cut diamond has a much lower price starting from $900.

Moreover, there is a sophisticated cut grading system that evaluates a natural or a lab-grown diamond for its:

  • Symmetry
  • Weight ratio
  • Brightness
  • Polish
  • Fire
  • Durability
  • Scintillation

Based on these factors, the diamond cut can be a critical factor in affecting the diamond’s worth. Moreover, the higher the weight of a diamond (in carats), the pricier it will be.

Why Diamond Tennis Bracelets Can be a Safe Investment Option

If you have a diamond tennis bracelet or any diamond jewelry like a solitaire ring, diamond necklace chain, etc., it can be a safe investment for many reasons. Here are some important ones that you should know:

  1. Diamond Prices Don’t Go Down

Diamond is one of the most stable assets among all investment options. Its value doesn’t deteriorate due to economic conditions. So, if you have a diamond tennis bracelet or a tennis necklace, it can protect you from any loss due to a sudden market crash.

Moreover, there is no or minimal risk of an oversupply of diamonds in the market. That’s why the risk is minimal, and there are many opportunities of making handsome profits from the market.

  1. Diamond Prices Are Likely to Go Higher in the Future

The historical trends for diamond prices can be an excellent option to convince a reluctant investor to invest in diamonds. Historically, diamond prices have increased up to 33% in the last decade, which makes it one of the fastest-growing asset values in the world.

Moreover, some stats suggest that diamond prices will increase up to 30 times in the next decade. This means that the current lowest diamond price of $2.05 will reach around $60 or more in the next ten years.

It’s exciting news for diamond jewelry holders because they can make more profitable short-term or long-term investment decisions for their diamond assets.

  1. It’s Easy to Carry a Diamond Bracelet For Men

Diamond bracelets are generally seamless to carry. While women are used to carrying jewelry well, it’s also easier for men to carry diamonds without making special arrangements for security and protection.

Diamonds are lightweight and can often go unnoticed when worn with other jewelry. So, it’s easier to protect your assets as they remain on the go with you all the time. Typically, diamonds are small-sized and can fit on a ring. That’s why it’s a great option for a quality investment if you have a lab-grown diamond ring.


Diamonds can be your best bet if you are looking for a futuristic investment option. It can diversify your assets and make it easier to protect them too. Whether you have commercial-grade or rare diamonds, they can return a hefty value in the long run.

So, if you’re thinking of buying jewelry for your partner, a high-quality diamond ring can be a smart option for both of you.