Is Drug Rehab Worth it?

Addiction is incredibly difficult to contend with, let alone to treat.  It’s easy to feel alone or like you’re trapped and don’t have any way to escape that sort of situation, especially with how much judgement there is surrounding this condition in our society today.  Seeking treatment is a difficult first step to take.

One question that many of those that suffer with drug addictions have is whether or not going into rehabilitation services is actually worth it.  After all, it typically involves needing to check into a facility for an extended period without attending work or seeing friends or family members.  To say that it’s a disruption of normal routines is an understatement – though, that’s the point of it, as you can read about in this article

In the long run, we’d say that it is worth it to seek treatment.  However, if you’re skeptical or would like further information about that, stay tuned.  We’ll be covering some of the major points of concern as far as how the process works and whether or not it’s actually effective.

Addiction is a Sickness

Although it can be somewhat of a hard pill to swallow (pun intended), it’s been established in the medical community that addiction is considered an illness that needs to be treated.  It takes a toll on a person’s body and isn’t often something that we can simply “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” to escape.  Rather, it takes knowledge and empathy to help.

Opioids have been at the forefront of this health crisis in the United States and across the world.  Part of it is because of how they were irresponsibly prescribed for decades, of course – it’s hardly a wonder that it’s such an issue now.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from these addictions face stigma and judgement from the people around them.

If you find yourself (or a loved one) in this situation, remember that it’s not something to be judged or looked down upon.  Treat yourself with kindness and compassion.  Ideally, you’ll be able to find a center that offers this as well, which you can read about here:

Treatment Options

This all leads us to another point, though – what are the treatment options at a rehabilitation center?  Do we actually have choices, or is it all going to be pre-ordained once we seek out these services?  The good news is that there are definitely choices involved.

For example, you may be someone who prefers to go through this process with only therapy or counseling.  The achievability of that method depends on how serious your addiction is to a certain extent, but it remains a valid form of rehabilitation in many circumstances.  Of course, typically it’s paired with the other options.

Detox, or “detoxification” is another huge part of this.  There are a few variations of this and depending on the seriousness of the opioid-misuse disorder, there could be a short and fast detox or a more gradual one that takes place over a few weeks.  While there will side effects involved due to the nature of these drugs, there are medications that we can take to help manage those symptoms. 

One of the biggest choices that you’ll have in drug rehab is what type of medication you want to take to manage your withdrawal symptoms.  There are a ton of choices available, each with its own pros and cons, so it may not hurt to check out some of the resources that we’ve provided to get an idea of what to expect.  The staff at the center you choose will also be able to educate and assist you with this matter.

So – is Rehab Worth it?

Admitting that we have a problem and taking steps to get help is a very trying part of any person with substance-misuse disorders’ journey.  With that said, it’s been shown that these programs are highly effective and can really help to save lives.  Tragically, hundreds of thousands of people pass away due to their substance-misuse disorders each year, and that’s a figure that many of us in the world would like to see go down.

A huge part of that is making sure that rehabilitation services are accessible and worthwhile for their patients.  We’re here to tell you that getting the assistance and treatment that you need is absolutely worth it in the long run.  While you may have to pay for some of the services involved (it will depend on your insurance), it’s hard to really put a price tag on reclaiming your life.

Rebuilding afterwards is often a scary prospect as well but try your best to look at the positives.  Once you can move on from your addiction, a whole new world with possibilities opens up to you and the sky is the limit!