Jenna Haze Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Photos, Boyfriend and New Updates

Jenna Haze Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Photos, Boyfriend and New Updates: Jennifer Corrales, who is American and also goes by the name Jenna Haze, is a director, model, and adult film actress. Since she started in the business in 2001, she has won many awards and become one of the most famous stars.

She found out she was bisexual when she was only six years old, and from then on, she became more and more interested in sex. As a child, she called herself the “teacher’s pet,” but she started to act out more and more. Haze quit high school when she was 15, and she went on to finish her education at home. After doing a bunch of odd jobs and stripping for a day, she met actor and director Craven Moorehead, who asked her to be in his movie.

In 2002, she got a job with Jill Kelly Productions, where she almost always worked with other women. After becoming a free agent in 2005, she started working with guys again. In 2009, she started Jennaration X Studios to make and direct her own adult-themed shows. In 2012, she said she was giving up acting, but she still works behind the camera.

Age: How old is Jenna Haze?

Her date of birth is 22nd February,1982. She is now 41 years.

What is the social media account of Jenna Haze?

She is available on several social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter etc. View below for her social media accounts;

Instagram: jennahaze

Twitter: @jennahaze

What is the nationality of Jenna Haze?

Jenna Haze comes from the United States of America. Hence, her nationality is American.