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Light Skin Keisha, Wiki, Bio, Age

Who exactly is this Light Skin Keisha, then? Light Skin Keisha is a multitalented artist who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is known for her work as a rapper, an influencer, and a reality television star, among other things. She was born on September 4, 1999, and she currently holds the title of self-proclaimed Queen of Atlanta. Her birthday is September 4. ‘Believe Dat’ and ‘Ride Good’ are just two of the hits that can be found in her discography.

A great number of people have been enquiring a great deal about Light Skin Keisha and conducting a variety of online research projects related to her.

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Biography of Light Skin Keisha

In the realms of music, social media, and reality television, Light Skin Keisha is quickly becoming a prominent figure. Keisha Ferguson, who was born on September 4, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, and is better known by her stage name Light Skin Keisha, has captured audiences with her distinctive style and outstanding talent. Light Skin Keisha was born in Atlanta.

Keisha was raised in a household where music played an important role, thus she was exposed to a wide variety of styles from a very young age. She was a teenager when she first became interested in rap music and began penning and recording her own tracks around that time. Keisha began sharing her films on social media platforms such as Instagram throughout the course of time. There, she attracted a sizable following almost immediately due to the fact that her personality was contagious and the stuff she shared was relevant.

2017 was the year of Light Skin. When Keisha got a record deal with Quality Control Music, the label that is also home to artists such as Migos, Lil Yachty, and Cardi B, she experienced the first significant breakthrough of her career. In the same year, she issued her first single, which was titled “Weather.” The song was a success, and it has received millions of views on YouTube. After this, she released her first mixtape, titled “That’s Just the Bottom Line,” which featured some of her most well-known songs, such as “Treadmill” and “Jealousy.”

The year 2018, Light Skin Keisha’s participation on the VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” she gained access to a wider audience and was able to win over new followers who were interested in her music. Her fame continued to skyrocket, and in 2019, she released her second mixtape titled “Talk That Talk.” The project includes collaborations with prominent musicians such as Blac Youngsta and Kash Doll.

Since then, Keisha has established herself as one of the most promising young rappers now working in the industry. She has worked with prominent musicians such as Coca Vango, Yella Beezy, and Toosii, and she has recorded several tracks that have been commercially successful, including “Ride Good,” “Believe Dat,” and “B.R.A.T.” Her one-of-a-kind sound, entrancing charm, and approachable demeanor have helped her become a fan favorite, and she is continually working to broaden her audience across a variety of media.

In addition to her work as a musician, Light Skin Keisha is also an influential figure on social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok, where she has amassed millions of fans. She makes use of her platform to engage with followers, share her journey, and encourage self-love and empowerment among others.

Light Skin Keisha is an artist who, despite her early age, has already amassed a significant amount of popularity thanks to her dynamic and diverse range of talents. She has an exciting life ahead of her and is sure to keep making waves in the music industry and beyond thanks to her promising future.

When did Light Skin Keisha come into the world? Keisha, who has light skin, is 23 years old. On September 4th, 1999, she entered this world in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

Light Skin Keisha in a sexy bikini

Light Skin Keisha in a green sexy bikini
Light Skin Keisha in a sexy blue bikini
Light Skin Keisha in a sexy pink bikini

Light Skin Keisha pregnant

Light Skin Keisha Height

How tall is Light Skin Keisha? Light Skin Keisha stands at 1.68 meters in height.

Light Skin Keisha Parents

Who are the parent of Light Skin Keisha? Light Skin Keisha was born to Mr and Mrs Keisha. Their real identities are not known however, what we do know is that her father was a truck driver and mother, a house wife.

Light Skin Keisha Husband

Is Light Skin Keisha married? Not yet, however she has been dating Coca Vango since 2019. They got engaged on 7th January, 2022.

Light Skin Keisha Siblings

Light Skin Keisha has eight siblings, five sisters and three brothers.

Light Skin Keisha Children

Does Light Skin Keisha have any children? No, Light Skin Keisha has no children. There is no information about her.

Light Skin Keisha Instagram

Light Skin Keisha Instagram has over 2.9M followers on the gram. Her handle is @lightskinkeisha.

Light Skin Keisha Net Worth

Light Skin Keisha has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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