Looking at a Screen All Day? You Need Blue Light Glasses

You are certainly not alone if you’re thinking about getting blue light glasses. After all, careers involving computers and other screens are becoming more and more common. Blue light glasses are also increasing in popularity, pushing for more creative and interesting styles to be created and manufactured. However, especially if your day job or career requires you to be in front of screens for long periods of time, you may directly benefit from wearing blue light glasses.

If you want to learn more about blue light glasses and the adverse effects of blue light exposure, you’re in the right place. We might be able to enlighten you with everything you need to know. To learn more about the benefits of blue light glasses, as well as which jobs or careers might benefit from these special lenses, please continue reading for our complete breakdown.

Which Careers Might Benefit From the Use of Blue Light Glasses?

There are many new jobs and careers that can easily benefit from using blue light glasses. This is because blue light can bring adverse effects in the short- and long-term, including visual fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, and eye damage. However, blue light glasses can bring down levels of blue light to non-harmful levels, making it as if our screens can no longer have a negative effect on us or our eyes.

Some of the careers that would benefit from the use of blue light glasses include the following:

  • Gamers, including 
    • Testers
    • Streamers
    • Developers
  • Coders
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Accountants
  • Data analysts
  • Social media or marketing specialists
  • Customer service representatives
  • Artists
  • Video and other content creators
  • Others who spend most of their day in front of screens

In case it’s unclear, anyone who spends several hours a day in front of a screen, including a computer, tablet, or phone, would likely benefit from wearing blue light glasses. If any of these careers sound like you, you should strongly consider getting yourself a pair.

Positive Effects of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

There are many positive effects of wearing blue light glasses, including the fact that they offer effective protection from blue light exposure. According to certain studies, blocking out blue light can assist in multiple areas of our lives, making it far easier to reduce fatigue, headache, and sleep problems. 

While most blue light glasses don’t block out all the blue light from our screens, they often lower the levels to be far more manageable. Even the sun emits certain levels of blue light, implying that we can adequately manage lower levels on our own without assistance. But now that so many of us are spending significant portions of our time in front of screens, blue light glasses can offer us the extra assistance we need.

Reduce Visual Fatigue

If you often feel like your eyes and mind are tired after several hours in front of a screen, blue light may be causing you to feel serious visual fatigue. However, if you wear blue light glasses, these adverse effects can be significantly reduced very easily.

By wearing blue light glasses, you may see your productivity steadily increase almost immediately. You may also be able to work for more extended periods without the same adverse effects. 

Decrease Headaches

Further, if you struggle with headaches or migraines, blue light glasses might be helpful for you. Blue light overexposure frequently causes many headaches, making it far more difficult for us to continue working at our preferred pace. This can also make it very difficult to enjoy ourselves at the close of the work day.

Suppose you generally end a day of work with a headache or even find yourself dealing with this pain after only a few hours in front of a screen. In that case, blue light glasses may be hugely useful to you and your sense of productivity and accomplishment.

Fall Asleep More Quickly

Many of us also have difficulty falling asleep, even struggling with insomnia. If this sounds familiar, blue light overexposure may also be the culprit in this area of your life. This means that if you struggle to fall asleep in a timely manner, wearing blue light glasses as often as possible may give you an easier time. Additionally, if you want to improve your body’s sense of circadian rhythm, your blue light glasses may also allow you to move in the right direction.

Blue light glasses may also help you if you feel sluggish or tired after a full night of sleep or if you find yourself waking up throughout the night regularly. Whether you know it or not, you could be waking up several times during the night, disrupting your body’s ability to feel adequately rested. By improving the quality of your sleep overall, your blue light glasses may bring great improvements to several areas in your life.

Reduced Risk of Retinal Degeneration

Blue light overexposure also comes with a risk of long-term damage to the retinas, potentially causing retinal degeneration. If this is something you’re worried about, blue light glasses may be a welcome addition to your life. Not only are blue light glasses able to provide short-term benefits, but they can also improve your quality of life in the long run.


If you’ve been mulling over whether you should get yourself a pair of blue light glasses, we hope you found this information helpful. There are many positive effects that come with blocking out excess blue light, and we hope you’ll improve your health in the long run, especially if you are in a career that requires you to look at screens for long periods of time.