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Maria Souza is a fabric designer and big-wave surfer. She is well-known as the ex-wife of Laird Hamilton, an American big-wave surfer and co-inventor of tow-in-surfing, as well as an occasional action-sports model.

Quick Facts

Full NameMaria Souza
First NameMaria
Last NameSouza
Professionwave surfer and cloth designer
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children1

The modeling career of Laird Hamilton

Laird dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to pursue a modeling career. Fortunately, he was photographed by a photographer from the Italian Men’s Box Magazine L’Vomo Vogue when he was 17 years old. This unintentional photograph aided him in obtaining the Modeling Contract, and in 1983, he had a photoshoot with actress Brooke Shields.

Not only did he model, but he also appeared in films such as ‘North Shore’ and ‘Moving Target.’ He was most recently seen in the films ‘The Descendants’ and ‘Point Break.’ He has also appeared as a guest in programs and documentaries such as ‘Riding Giants,’ ‘Water Man,’ ‘Spirit of Evolution,’ and many more.

Wiki: Early and present career

Maria used to perform gymnastics before being exposed to surfing when she was 13 years old. She has been devoted to this job since then. She is the first woman to dive into the ferocious surf of Peahi, Maui, widely known as Jaws. She has been trained in practically every style of surfing. She used to teach people how to tow-in surf, foil surf, windsurf, kite-board, Hawaiian Canoe, tandem surf, and stand-up paddle.

She is now specialized in stand-up paddling, SUP Downwind, SUP surfing, SUP yoga, SUP racing, and large wave surfing. She is a physical and mental therapist, as well as an athlete personal trainer, in addition to surfing, yoga, and paddling. She also attended college for a marketing class and worked as a designer for an ocean wear business.

Unsatisfactory marital existence

Despite having a good job, Maria has struggled to manage her marital life. In 1992, she married Laird Hamilton. For three years, the pair cherished their married life together. Following that, they split up and divorced in 1995. She was hardly seen with anybody after her first failed marriage. There are no reports of her having a relationship with another guy. As a result, she chose not to marry again.

The next wedding will be with a volleyball player.

Although Maria is not looking for a new man, Laird has discovered a new love with whom he can share his life. He is now dating Gabrielle Reece, an American professional volleyball player, sports broadcaster, and actress. In addition to her playing career, she is a fashion model and brand advocate for Ebel Sportwave, Nike Sportswear, Dannon Light,, and Pure Via. On November 30, 1997, the pair exchanged wedding vows.

The ex-husband is an excellent surfer.

Laird, Maria’s husband, was a well-known surfer before he entered the modeling business. Laird made news in 1990 when he became the first surfer to participate in a 360-degree loop while tied to his board. Her spouse is considered as an all-time great surfer due to his frequent surfing at 35 feet tall and at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

However, instead of pursuing a professional career in surfing, he views it as an artistic endeavor. He was hesitant to participate in surfing events because he was tired of witnessing politics and the unpredictable luck of waves in organized Championships. He is even credited with inventing the foil board, which helped surfers perform better on the ocean.

Net worth

There is no precise information available about Maria Souza’s salary or net worth. However as of November 2022, Laird’s net worth is known, and it is as follows:

YearNet worth
2018$10 Million
2019-2022$(10-12) Million

Maria and Laird had one kid as a result of their marriage. Izabella Hamilton is their daughter. Reece Viola Hamilton and Brody Jo Hamilton are her other stepchildren.