All the facts about Maximus Turner, The son of Freddie Freeman

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Maximus Turner is well known to the general public as the son of Freddie Freeman, who plays first base for the Los Angeles Dodgers of the American professional baseball league. Before signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, his father was a member of the Atlanta Braves for a total of 12 seasons. In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at Freddie Freeman’s offspring and learn their names. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

Who Are Maximus Turner’s Parents?

The wedding took place on November 25th, 2014 in Miami, Florida, and was attended by both Freddie Freeman and Chelsea Goff. His wife has worked as a model in the past, is currently a real estate representative, is influential on social media, and most importantly, she offers products on Amazon. In addition, Chelsea Golf is the proprietor of the sportswear brand known as the “Chelsea Freeman Collection.”

How Old Is Maximus Turner?

On the 30th of December in the year 2020, Maximus Turner was delivered into the world by a surrogate mother. The year 2022 will mark Maximus’ second year of life.

Early life

Fountain Valley, in the state of California, is where Freeman was born. Freeman’s mother and father were both born in the province of Ontario in Canada. Although his father was born in Windsor, his mother was originally from Peterborough. Freeman is a dual citizen of the United States of America and Canada as a result of the fact that both of his parents were born in that country.


Freeman’s powerful swing, in which he moves his shoulders slightly before lowering his hands, has been described as “unorthodox” and compared to a tennis forehand. His hand-eye coordination and ability to adjust to pitchers from one plate appearance to the next have also drawn praise.

He has had press coverage as a result of needing to wear glasses while competing professionally, until switching these for contact lenses, and repaired vision with Lasik surgery.

Freeman’s propensity to strike up conversations with opposing baserunners has been noted by several rival players. Freeman was described by Braves manager Brian Snitker as “my rock” and “everything that the Braves stand for.”

Personal Life

Frederick and Rosemary Freeman, both natives of Canada, are Freeman’s parents. Freeman is their son. Freeman was 10 years old when Rosemary passed away from carcinoma. Freeman is the sixth generation of his family to be a member of The Salvation Army. He has two elder siblings named Andrew and Phillip. Tennis is a sport that his relative Carson Branstine competes in.

2014 marked the year that Freeman wed Chelsea Goff. Goff made an appearance on episode 15 of season 8 of the series Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. The couple is the proud parents of three boys. During the time that he was with the Braves, Freeman and his family split their time between the cities of Atlanta and California. When baseball wasn’t in season, they were in Atlanta. Soon after accepting a contract with the Dodgers, he began making the journey from Corona del Mar to Dodger Stadium. Despite this, he intended to keep his residence in Atlanta. After some time had passed, he started renting a house in Studio City.

Freeman was stranded in a traffic jam that did not move at all during a wintry blizzard that occurred in 2014. Freeman was stranded for a number of hours before his former colleague Chipper Jones appeared on an all-terrain vehicle and helped free Freeman. In January of 2016, the Atlanta Braves made the announcement that one of their bobblehead nights for the following season would be titled “Chipper Rescues Freddie.” This evening served as an advertising event for the chain of restaurants.


Eldest Son (Full Name)               Fredrick Charles FreemanII
Date of Birth                                 September 19, 2016
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age 7 years old
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Middle Son (Full Name)Brandon John Freeman
Date of Birth        December 30, 2020
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Age 3 years old
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light-Brown
Youngest Son (Full Name)Maximus Turner Freeman
Date of Birth     February 14, 2021
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age2 years old
Hair Color Light-Brown