Meet Larry Birds wife Dinah Mattingly Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Children, Wiki

Meet Larry Birds wife Dinah Mattingly Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Children, Wiki: Larry Bird was a basketball player and coach in the past. He is married to Dinah Mattingly. Larry is regarded to be one of the best basketball players of all time. He now works as a basketball executive. Dinah and Larry Bird have been together since they got married in 1989.

Corrie Bird’s stepmother is Dinah Mattingly. She became Corrie Bird’s stepmother when she married Larry. Larry’s first marriage was to Janet Condra, and they had a daughter named Corrie. Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird took in two kids, Mariah and Connor, as their own.

In 2013, their son Connor was caught and charged with trying to kill someone. He was later let go because there wasn’t enough proof against him. Dinah Mattingly likes to stay out of the spotlight, so she rarely goes to public events. She doesn’t like being the center of attention like her famous husband does.


Name: Dinah Mattingly

Date of Birth: November 16, 1954

Age: 68 years

Nationality: American

Husband: Larry Bird

Marriage Journey

Larry Bird started dating Dinah Mattingly after his first marriage to his college girlfriend Janet Condra ended in divorce. He met Dinah at Indiana State University. A few months after his marriage ended, he and Dinah started dating. In the 1980s, after dating for a few years, they decided to take things to the next level and got engaged.

A few years after getting engaged, they said their wedding vows in Indiana on October 31, 1989. Even though Larry Bird is well-known and his wife became famous because of him, they had a private wedding. Family and a few friends came to their wedding.

As of now, the two are seen as the best couple goals. Larry and Dinah seem to live in peace and harmony, which is different from many celebrity couples who have been in the news because of scandals and other problems in their relationships.

Dinah Mattingly’s date of birth and age

Even though Dinah has lived a very private life over the years, there are still some important facts about her that are known to the public. She was born on November 16, 1954, in Indiana, U.S., according to reliable sources. But other sources say Mattingly was born on November 16, 1943. In spite of this, 1954 is the most-read report. And if we are to go with this year, Mattingly is 68 years old right now.

Facts about Dinah Mattingly

1. Her hometown is in Vigo County, Indiana, in the United States.

She was born in 1954 in Vigo County, Indiana. Even though she didn’t know who her parents or siblings were, she lived most of her life in Terre Haute, which is the county seat in Vigo County. She went to local schools and then Indiana State University, just like other kids.

Is there a link between Dinah Mattingly and Don Mattingly? No. The only things they have in common are that they are both from Indiana and have the same last name. Larry Bird’s wife loves basketball, and Don Mattingly used to play baseball in the major leagues. Don’s sisters, cousins, and extended family are well known. They all have different interests and are well known.

2. Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly met in college

Dinah and Larry first met while attending Indiana State University. Although they became friends, they dated separate partners. For instance, the basketball player was involved in a committed relationship with Janet Condra. In addition, their age gap of two years also contributed to the reasons they did not view themselves as compatible.

Due to their relationship status and age difference at the time, they were only friends. Nonetheless, they participated in one other’s lives. Dinah helped him adapt from collegiate basketball to the NBA, for instance. In 1976, after Larry and Janet’s divorce, they grew closer. The NBA superstar and Janet attempted to improve their relationship during this time. Nonetheless, they were unlucky a second time. Janet and Larry have thrown out the possibility that Dinah’s affinity for basketball was the cause of their separation.

3. Dinah has continued to be with Larry Bird despite cheating allegations

There have been a lot of problems in Dinah’s relationship with the NBA great. For example, many tabloids have repeatedly said that her husband was cheating on her. Busted Coverage, one of the tabloids that reported on the cheating news, changed its story in 2014. The site found out that the woman who was said to be Larry Bird’s mistress was actually his adopted daughter.

Does Larry Bird still have Dinah Mattingly in his life? Yes. Even though there have been rumors of cheating for the last ten years, they are still together. Even though the basketball legend doesn’t post to Instagram very often, he has been pictured with Dinah more than once. Are any of Larry Bird’s kids his? Yes. The man who used to play basketball has three kids. One is from his first marriage, and the other two are from his second marriage and adoption. Even though Dinah was in her 30s when she married the NBA star, they chose to adopt instead of having their own kids.

Larry Bird’s Career – Meet Larry Birds wife Dinah Mattingly Bio

Larry Bird, Dinah’s husband, was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, on December 7, 1956. He is one of six children that Georgia Bird and Claude Joseph Bird had. As a child, the 66-year-old saw his family go through hard times, especially when it came to money. Also, when he was in high school, his parents split up, and a year after that, his father killed himself.

But problems with money and his family didn’t stop him from pursuing his career.

Even with all of these things going against him, Bird still found a way to become a skilled basketball player known as “The Hick from French Lick” and “Larry Legend.”

After doing well in high school, Mattingly’s husband began his career in college. In 1978, the NBA picked him as the sixth player overall. This was the start of his professional career. From 1979 until 1992, he played basketball for the Boston Celtics. He was also on the basketball team that won the 1992 Summer Olympics for the United States.

Bird won the NBA championship three times, in 1981, 1984, and 1986. In 1984 and 1986, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals. He was the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for three straight years, from 1984 to 1986. He was also an NBA All-Star 12 times, from 1980 to 1988 and from 1990 to 1992. He was the MVC Player of the Year twice and a consensus first-team All-American twice (1978-1979). Also, among many other honors, the Boston Celtics have taken away his number 33 jersey.

After he stopped playing basketball professionally in 1992, Bird became a coach for the Indiana Pacers in 1997. As a coach, he was the head coach of the 1998 NBA All-Star Game and the 1998 NBA Coach of the Year. This helped him get even more attention.

He stopped playing in 2000 and became the president of basketball operations for the Pacers in 2003. He left the team in 2012, but then came back in 2013. He finally left the job in 2017, but he stayed on as an advisor.

He had a career in basketball the whole time he was alive. His skill and hard work helped him become the only person in NBA history to win the NBA MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year awards. He was also inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998, and he was inducted again in 2010 as a member of the Dream Team.