All the facts about Paige Hartman, The wife of Kyle Schwarber

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Paige is only popular for being the wife of popular sportsman Kyle, as such, little is known about her as she only came to the limelight by virtue of her marriage to the sportsman.

Information about her parents and other pertinent information about her such as her date of birth, siblings and others are all not available, however, sources say she is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and also a beauty school graduate.

It is believed that Kyle Schwarber’s Wife met him at Middletown High School, a school they both attended.

Paige Hartman Parents

Her parents, as of yet, remain unknown as she wouldn’t let it out there.

She has successfully kept them out of the public while enjoying her fame alone, she wouldn’t want to draw her parents into public scrutiny, allowing them to enjoy their peace, after all, what goes to them in the form of support is what matters and not showing them off to the public.

Paige Hartman’s husband Kyle Schwarber

Kyle is an American professional baseball outfielder plying his trade for the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball.

Before getting the chance to play baseball professionally, Kyle had played college baseball for the Indiana Hoosiers and was drafted in the first round of 2014’s MLB Draft.

Kyle married his longtime Paige in December 2019 after they got engaged in December 2018.

Kyle and Paige have been in a romantic relationship since high school in Middletown, Ohio.
Paige Hartman and Kyle Schwarber Wedding

Weddings certify relationships, so when did Paige Hartman and Kyle Schwarber Wedding happen after they found love while in school?

Well, Paige Hartman and Kyle Schwarber Wedding happened in December 2019, after they came to the consensus they wanted to live a lifetime together as couples.

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