Personalize Interior Design with Custom Prints

When it comes to home décor and interior design, everyone says just how important inspiration is. But what is it, really? Do you need to search for inspiration on décor blogs and influencers’ social media or maybe it’s enough to copy an interior from a magazine? The thing is, you can like and admire interiors created by other people for other people, but those design schemes will never feel quite like you.

Personalization is a part that is often forgotten by most people. And it’s also a key to a truly inspiring, welcoming, and cozy interior. This article discusses interior design personalization and the best ways to add a pop of character to just about any space – from your bedroom to an office cubicle.

Let’s get started!

Easy Decor Personalization Ideas

Personalizing interior design means personalizing interior features. And there is more than one way to personalize a room – you can start by changing the furniture, adding some ornamental plants, changing the wallpaper, throwing a personalized pillow on the couch, and much more. In general, personalization means following your own basic instincts. Remember that copying an interior that looks beautiful on a magazine’s page won’t necessarily be the best solution for your home.

Again, there are many ways personalize a room’s interior. We have experimented with many things and there is one décor strategy that we particularly like. How about decorating with personalized prints? They are usually quite affordable, available in a range of formats and can integrate well into the existing design scheme of the room.

There are many formats of personalized prints. Commonly used are canvas prints, printed home textiles, practical things like photo mugs, and smaller photo gifts that include photo puzzles, printed dinky acrylic cubes, doormats etc.

Why Choose Personalized Canvas Prints

Perhaps from the several formats above, the most optimal format for just any home is personalized canvas prints. In recent years, prints and all kinds of wall art have become an inseparable part of modern homes – whatever the owner’s taste and budget limits. A curated wall art arrangement adds “soul” to the interior – it truly lets you show off what’s important to you.

Personalized canvas prints, judging by the name, are made from canvas fabric that comes printed with an image of customer’s choice. It can be a family picture, a portrait, a pet photo, a scanned drawing or even a digital design – that’s why it’s called “personalized”.

Choose CANVASDISCOUNT as Your Print Provider

In the digital era, getting personalized canvas prints is as easy as pie. You can find more than a dozen providers in less than 5 minutes. However, when you start exploring offers more closely, you’ll see that some providers offer personalized prints at sky-rocketing prices while others may lack in quality and technological know-how.

We have done a market study and found that CANVASDISCOUNT is a reliable printing provider with always affordable prices. Their official website is and once you enter there, you will find many options for decorating the interior of your home. For example, when you click “Wall Decoration”, you will be shown various types of products such as wall displays, canvas prints, acrylic prints, canvas wall hanging, and framed photo prints. And when you click “Home&Lifestyle”, you will find options for photo towels, photo pillows, photo rugs, and photo blanket products. In short, prints are available in so many formats, more than you might imagine.

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