Photo Editing Software for Mac

Tired of using Photoshop to craft cool visuals but don’t know what other software would work on your iMac computer?

That can definitely be a challenge since there aren’t too many apps like Photoshop for Mac that would have the same functionality and tools. However, some good alternatives still exist, and we’re going to take a look at them in today’s article.

1.  Luminar Neo

Features: Relight AI, Portrait Background, Layers

Pricing: starting from $12.96/month

The first one on our list of alternatives to Photoshop for Mac is Luminar Neo, one of the tools with the easiest and most user-friendly UI. Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, you will be able to cut the time spent on photo editing by almost 50%.

Most solutions in the Luminar Neo toolkit are dedicated to portrait retouching. The software offers tools such as FaceAI and Skin AI to help you conceal the model’s imperfections and highlight the most prominent features of their face.

Apart from that, you can rework portrait backgrounds, layer them, and even create the backlight with the virtual flash for the 3D effect.

Use case: the best software for portrait photographers using Mac.

2.  Affinity Photo

Features: 360-degree image editing, panorama stitching, HDR merge, batch processing

Pricing: $65.76

Affinity Photo is probably the most downloadable Adobe Photoshop alternative for Mac. Users on G2 say that its interface is almost the same, although they still have to relearn how to use some toolkits. However, it’s a small price to pay considering that Affinity is cheaper than Photoshop – you buy it, and it’s yours forever, no membership payments.

What do you get after purchasing this software?

It includes essential photo editing solutions, plus drawing tools, filters, and color correction. Apart from that, you can take advantage of real-time editing and collaborate on the visuals with your colleagues. Also, portrait photographers can take advantage of the retouching toolkit, while graphic designers can use it to create stunning art.

Use case: great for all photo editing-related tasks.

3.  GIMP

Features: scripted image manipulation, color management, graphic design elements, artwork creation

Pricing: free

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is the last Photoshop equivalent for Mac on our list. It’s a free-access tool that anyone can download to their computer, and you can even change its source code and distribute it.

While photographers and photo editing professionals can also use it, GIMP’s primary toolkit is for graphic designers and illustrators. You can create original artwork, which is the perk many Photoshop alternatives don’t provide.

Apart from that, if you’re a beginner and find Adobe products a bit too involved, you can start your journey with GIMP – its interface is very user-friendly and straightforward. However, it’s also not to everyone’s liking – some G2 reviewers found the dashboard too outdated and glitchy, but it doesn’t impact the tool’s functionality.

Use case: the best software for graphic designers and illustrators

Over to You

If you’re looking for software like Photoshop for Mac, you’ll have no problem finding the one that caters to your needs.

All portrait photographers searching for a program with a strong retouching toolkit can benefit from Luminar Neo. And, in case you are a graphic designer or an illustrator, you can blindly trust GIMP and its pack of artwork solutions. Finally, if you just want universal software that can help you do all the basic photo editing tasks similar to Photoshop, choose Affinity Photo – it has everything you need.

Besides, if you’re a bit tight on the budget, you can download GIMP for free and use it on all your devices, not just Mac.