Price of Stardew Valley Shed and Interior Designs

Ruby McKenzie
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Stardew Valley Shed is a very important part of the game which becomes very useful at times. Today we are talking about sheds in Stardew Valley. It’s extremely becomes different to finding these resources if you are new to the Stardew Valley game or even if you are not a game freak type. Keep reading to find into details what a shed is about. 

What is Stardew Valley Shed? 

A shed is an empty building, which can be constructed at Robins for 15,000 gold and 300 wood. There is also an upgrade for this shed which makes it into a big shed. It can also be purchased from Robbins for 20,000 Gold 550 wood and 550 stone. The interior of a shed can be decorated, meaning you can add anything you like in a shed; you can make profit from it.  

How to design or Decorate the Interior of a Shed 

To decorate of design the interior of a shed is not difficult, I have come up with six designs for this shed, which are totally random ideas.  

Jungle theme storage system 

All right, let’s start off with a basic storage system, storing things in Stardew Valley is a nightmare. Trust me on this one. All right, so here, a made a jungle theme storage system. I added a ton of chests with signs of course, also the color of the chest is same as the color of the item, which looks cool. I also added some dressers and the catalogs, meaning this room is where everything is available. If I need items, clothes, floorings and furniture. I will immediately come to this place. Knowing I will find anything I need here. I also added the Junimo plush and small Junimo’s because they looked kinda cute. 

Indoor Garden 

Moving on to the next design which is an indoor garden or a greenhouse. This design consists of a lot of garden pots. Also, I added grass, which gives it a nice touch. I am not sure if a greenhouse consists of an aquarium, but I added it anyway 

Science Lab 

Moving on to the next design which is a science lab sort of thing. It is more like a research lab with all that capsules incubators, it looks great in my opinion, this is super random but looks good. Also I like how the giant computer thing looks. It looks like a complete set. And the solar panels look like a keyboard thing to control the computer.  

5 Star Hotel / Restaurant 

Moving on to the next design which is a five-star hotel. At least I think it’s five star. Anyways, on the upper side we have the kitchen, and the rest of the area is occupied by chairs and tables. We also have the arcade so kids can have fun too. This is just an idea I wanted to execute.  


Moving on to the final idea of today. This design is my favorite. Which is why I saved it for the last, behold, yes it’s a classroom. As a student, this has to be my dream classroom. I love how this turned out. First we have the desks. Then we have the teachers chair, the apple, and the globe. Then at the side we have a TV to watch informational stuff on the wall we have two whiteboards, with weird stuff written on them, which is cool.  

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