Proficiency Testing in Dairy Control by Qlip

When it comes to dairy control within a laboratory environment, proficiency testing is a useful tool that can be applied in a host of settings. As milk needs to be tested for residues of antimicrobial substances, it can be especially important to get reliable results that can be verified before products reach the market.

What to expect from proficiency testing in dairy

Organisations that supply or distribute dairy products will need to ensure that each unit passes the necessary industry standards and quality assurance protocol to ensure it is safe for consumption. This means that not only will partnering with a dedicated laboratory to perform full analysis’ of products before they begin their journey to consumers can be an extremely important measure to undertake, but that adding an extra layer of protection in the form of third-party proficiency testing will safeguard you from any mistakes.

Qlip is one of the leading industry experts for organising chemical and microbiological proficiency testing in dairy that support the international dairy chain. Our customers can expect innovative, reliable testing solutions that are committed to ensuring that food safety standards are met and quality products are accessible to consumers – with a focus on customer-specific needs and sustainability for the wider industry.

Why is proficiency testing necessary?

As ISO17025 accreditation requires laboratories to join proficiency tests, it can be crucial to ensure you select the right services for your needs. Qlip is here to perform rigorous proficiency testing for chemical and microbiological determinations – and we can also create tailored testing protocols to meet your needs. Our ISO17043 accredited services include FTIR and chemical proficiency testing and microbiology proficiency tests for all dairy and lactose products. These will cover elements such as fat, protein and salt content alongside bacterial count, while ensuring that E. coli, salmonella, listeria monocytogenes and more are not present within your products.

We have over 100 leading laboratories and cater to the needs of dairy companies in more than 20 different countries, so don’t hesitate to add proficiency testing to your protocol with Qlip.