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Your brand says a lot about you said by the founder of Digital Kings, Ramneek Sidhu. His digital marketing company works with the crème de l a crème of Hollywood and Bollywood celebs. Since social media has come to stay, his prime objective is to enhance and preserve his clients’ social media space and also to add a lot of value to their brand.

Wikipedia / Bio Summary

Name: Ramneek Sidhu

Date of Birth: January 2, 1995

Age: 27 years

Nationality: American

Net worth: $3 million

Height: 5ft 11inches

Weight: 147 Ibs

Early life and nationality

Though he was birthed and raised in Mohali, Punjab, India, he is an American by Nationality. Chandigarh is the name of his hometown. He is from a middle-class family, he graduated with Btech in Computer Science from the Rayat and Bahra Group of Institutes. To a greater degree, he undertook a Bachelor of Technology degree from Rayat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology in Mohali Punjab. In school, Ramneek developed the habit of being a hard worker and also outstanding. Achieving sterling results was his aim in every school project he handled. He has always been inquisitive, ascertained and a visionary, these character traits have paid off.  The sudden rise to fame came as a result of his trend on social media.

In his earliest years, he developed his entrepreneurial skills; he commenced working with a freelance digital marketing specialist at the age of 17 while in college. He started off freelancing with no experience or expertise; he just wanted to give it a try. He accumulated adequate expertise and the know-how to be in command of the diverse elements of social media and digital marketing.

Ramneek was employed as head of a digital in one company in 2013. By this time, he had developed enough skills and added value to himself to be hired. He maintained this job from 2013 to 2016 when he resigned to tour his journey as an entrepreneur

Growing up in India as a young man, Ramneek did not possess a plethora of members he could lean on in his en route to entrepreneurship. Fortunately for the young man, there was a multitude of giants in the digital world that motivated him to be an international entrepreneur and founder. Big names like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg captivated him. All he did was draw inspiration from the tech gurus.

From limited knowledge to internationally recognized tech sensation was a result of his inquisitive and determined spirit. Presently, Sidhu is a globally recognized social media strategist, digital marketer and successful entrepreneur.

Date of Birth and Age

January 2, 1995, Sidhu is 27 years old.


Ramneek has been able to grow Digital King from a one-man operation to an international firm with worldwide recognition in a matter of few years. Digital King’s staggering success is impressive as more firms provide web design, social media marketing and branding.

Digital Kings has branches in India and Dubai currently, where it is presently classed among the apex digital marketing company in the UAE. Like a champion, Sidhu is presently cruising on the wings of success. Plans to open a new branch in Canada are underway.

As well-known as he is, he has appeared on famous websites like Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur and a host of others.  The founder accords his significant victory to his readiness to stretch himself and broaden his horizon, counter challenges and face them squarely, and assist the business to accomplish excellent results.  Ramneek indicates that technology performs an integral part in our everyday life but it stays majorly unmotivated.

The CEO adds that, in a swiftly changing world, some digital marketing companies are unwilling to adjust to these changing trends. Ramneek acknowledges that he keeps a watchful sight on things that a changing in the digital marketing world and is not afraid to conduct a demonstration. His firm is different mainly because he can experiment and house these trends to enable him better serve his high-profile clientele. 

Currently, the tech CEO works with popular Hollywood and Bollywood celebs.  He trades his experience to assist stars to boost their social media accounts, growing brand awareness, and pushing their content. Ramneek invents policies from vast market know-how and customer cognizance.

With this, his clientele appeals to the right kind of audience, engages effectively in their social media space, and grows awareness. The digital marketer has solidified his grounds as an extraordinary social media tactician by establishing his route. Sidhu examines the needs of his clients’ unique field and comes up with a sound plan that will aid them to hit their paramount targets. The CEO’s vibrant drive for social media marketing has given him a sit among the world’s elite.

Net worth

The 27year old tech CEO’s talent, vision and skills have earned him a millionaire status. He is worth around $3 million. This is awesome for a young man who is not in his 30s yet and also not from a rich background.


Ramneek is married to Navjot Kaur Sidhu and the love duo is also blessed with 2 kids. Information about his parents is not yet available but rest assured we will bring it to you.


5ft 11inches


147 Ibs

Social media accounts

Facebook: Ramneek Sidhu

Instagram: @ramneeksidhu01

Twitter: @ramneeksidhu01

LinkedIn: Ramneek Sidhu


Ramneek Sidhu does not drink nor does he smokes. He is bent on being a good role model for the younger generation after him.