Regé Jean Page’s Brother Tose Page Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Career, Height

Tose Page is an established music artist and producer. While he may not be as well-known as his celebrity younger brother Rege-Jean Page, he has nonetheless made a name for himself in the industry. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about him.

One individual’s life-changing event can have a ripple effect on their entire family. While Tose follows his own path with his music, his brother’s successes often overshadows any discussion about Tose, pushing him back into the shadows.

How Old is Tose Page?

We don’t have Tose Page’s date of birth, but we know his younger brother Rege-Jean Page is 34. Tose was born in London to a Zimbabwean mother and an English father. His mother was a nurse and his father was a preacher. Tose is the oldest of four children. His parents have different cultural backgrounds, and Tose is considered to have an English-Zimbabwean background. He was raised in London.

His brother is Rege Jean Page

The 27th of April, 1988 saw the birth of the actor Rege Jean Page. His first field of study was sound engineering, but he eventually shifted his focus to acting after enrolling in several workshops at The National Youth Theatre.

In his younger years, Rege appeared in a number of short films in both credited and uncredited capacities. His debut on stage came in 2013 with a production of The History Boys. After that, he started making appearances in British films and television shows, such as Survivor, Fresh Meat, and Waterloo Road, amongst others.

After appearing in a few smaller roles, he finally found success with his performance as Simon Basset in the Netflix historical drama Bridgerton. In addition, he received a nomination for an Emmy Award for the character he played in Bridgerton.

The Gray Man, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and The Saint are just few of the future films that he will be appearing in.

Tose Pages Net Worth

It’s tough to say how much money Tose Page is worth because he hasn’t been active on the internet for very long. He probably hasn’t made a ton of money like his brother, but he might have made some good money from his musical short film. Plus, he has a strong relationship with his brother, so he might be involved in some big projects with him in the future. Who knows!

Who is Rege Jean Page’s brother, Tose Page?

Tose Page is well-known for being Rege Jean Page’s older brother. Rege Jean Page is a British actor who has gained attention in recent years as a result of a number of films and television series in which he has appeared.

It was the film Bridgerton that catapulted his brother to popularity, and now some of that celebrity has seeped into his older brother’s personality. His brother was cast as a lead role in the drama series Bridgerton, which was produced by Netflix.

Rege Jean Page used to play drums and sing in a band that he and his older brother, Tose Page, created when Rege Jean was a teenager. The band’s name was TUNYA, and they were known for their work in the music industry.

Don’t Wait was the name of a short film that Lanre Malaolu directed, and both of them contributed original music to the project.