Ronnie Hawkins, a musician who was The Band’s mentor, passed away at the age of 87.

According to a post that was made on The Band’s official page on Facebook, musician Ronnie Hawkins has passed away.
According to a post made by Robbie Robertson, a member of The Band, Hawkins passed away on Sunday at the age of 87.
“Ronnie Hawkins was the person that started it all for The Band. He served as a guide for us. He instructed us in the protocols to follow while driving, “the text of the post.

According to the website for The Band, Hawkins was born in Arkansas, but he considered Canada to be his permanent residence. In the early 1960s, he was a member of the band Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks, which shot to prominence due to their music.

According to a statement that can be seen on The Band’s website, Hawkins “was practically Toronto’s answer to Elvis Presley.”
On Facebook, Roberston wrote the following: “Ronnie served in the role of the godfather. The one responsible for bringing all of this about. He kept us practicing nonstop until into the early morning hours. Initially, we were resistant to the idea, but over time, we improved. Our aim, regardless of whether or not we were aware of it.”
“After breaking up with Ron and striking out on our own, we eventually found ourselves in the company of Bob Dylan. After that, the Hawks changed their name to The Band, and the rest, as they say, is history “Robertson provided a summary. “It all started with Ronnie Hawkins,” said the announcer.

Robertson remarked “Not only was he a talented artist, but he was also an outstanding performer and bandleader, and he had a unique sense of humor. The fall down jokes are hilarious and totally original. That’s right, God did not create more than one of those. And we will carry him with us always and forever in our hearts.”
Robertson did not disclose the reason for his passing.