Ross Capicchioni: who is he? The Stories of the Gunshot Survivor

Ross Capicchioni is an American who is well-known for his incredible real-life story of surviving gunshots inflicted by his own best friend during his teenage years. It’s truly astonishing and shocking that he was able to survive those bullets, especially considering they hit such sensitive areas of his body.

Ross, who was initially hesitant, finally gave in to his friend’s request and drove him to his destination on the east side of Detroit, which is known to be a very dangerous neighborhood. When they arrived, the two friends got out of the car. Suddenly, Ross’s friend shot Ross three times.

His friend was shot because of a gang initiation. He got arrested and they gave him a 35-year prison sentence. Ross Capicchioni, the American gunshot survivor, was born on March 21, 1990, in Macomb, Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is currently 32 years old. We don’t have any details about his childhood, parents, or education.

How old was Ross Capicchioni then?

When the sad tragedy occurred, Ross was just 17 years old.

What’s Ross Capicchioni’s height and weight?

Ross has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches and a body weight of 62 kilograms.

Is Ross Capicchioni married?

His marital status is not shown in any of the available material. It is unknown whether he has a spouse or not at this time.

Does Ross Capicchioni have any kids?

It is unknown if or not Ross has any children of his own. There is no evidence to suggest that he is the parent of any children.

Who was the Ross Capicchioni shooter?

To this day, the identity of the person who shot Ross, who was also one of Ross’s closest friends, has not been revealed. The only information available about him is that he is two years younger than Ross.

How did Ross Capicchioni survive the incident?

After being shot three times, once in the arm, once in the chest, and once in the head, his friend fled the scene in Ross’s car, leaving the young man to hopelessly bleed out and suffer by himself.

He was transported to the hospital thanks to the intervention of a police officer; but, by the time he arrived there, he had already lost a significant amount of blood and was pronounced dead.

He was brought back to life by the surgeons after they performed the procedure. After the incident, he regained consciousness three days later but had no recall of what had happened.

In due time, he began the process of recuperating and eventually reclaimed his memories. It came as a surprise to learn that the American teenager of 17 years old did not have any serious issues.

What is Ross Capicchioni’s net worth?

At the present time, Ross is pursuing a career in skateboarding; he is currently a member of the TCMT skateboarding team in addition to being a professional skateboarder.

As of the year 2019, he had a career that had earned him a total of $100,000 for his net worth. When the information is updated, any details on his net worth in 2022 will be made public.