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Fellow fans, let’s talk about Shantel Feya and why she has not been active in the adult entertainment industry for some time now. Like a sea wave with a higher crest at its peak, it disappears once it reaches the shores. Shantel Feya surprised the industry in 2009 and gave us the best videos until 2011. Now that’s two years of activeness in the industry. But the big question is, “What caused her disappearance?” This could be an array of issues that remain a mystery. However, while her work still lives with us, let’s look at how she did it. 


Shantel Feya was born in Russia on October 24th, 1988. She became famous for making adult videos at a time when the adult industry was being hugely digitalized, from the compact disk to online platforms. She has made over 100 videos that people can watch on websites like Xhamster and Pornhub. Shantel has been featured on popular channels like My Tiny Wish, 18 Videoz, Teen Analyzed, and Teeny Lovers, which has made her even more famous. She started making adult videos because she wanted to explore her feelings and share them with others. People in the adult industry noticed her and liked her because she is special and not afraid to try new things. That’s why she became famous so quickly.

Wikipedia Summary 

Full NameShantel Feya
Other NamesSandra Q, Julia, Lora, Mirabel
Date of Birth24th October,1988
Place of BirthRussia
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye Colorn/a
Net Worth$600,000. (Estimated)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height1.7 m
PH Views6 million
Summary of Shantel Feya Biography

Noteworthy Contributions and Adult Videos

Shantel Feya has made lots of 18+ rated videos, more than 100 of them! She has shown that she can do lots of different types of videos. Some are when she is by herself and they are romantic and gentle, and others are when she is with other people and they are really exciting. People really like watching Shantel because she is very charming and puts a lot of feeling into her performances. She can make people feel like they are having a really special time when they watch her videos.

Presence on Top Adult Platforms

Shantel Feya’s remarkable fame can be attributed in large part to her prominent presence on esteemed adult platforms. Through these platforms, she has effectively connected with her global fan base, engaging in meaningful conversations with followers from all corners of the world. The sheer magnitude of her widespread appeal is evident by the staggering number of views her videos have garnered, reaching into the millions.

Shantel Feya’s talent and dedication have definitely caught the attention of some big adult channels. Popular ones like My Tiny Wish, 18 Videoz, Teen Analyzed, and Teeny Lovers have given her recognition for her amazing performances and even showcased her work. It’s pretty clear that being featured by these well-known channels has made her a hot commodity in the industry.

Financial Success and Net Worth

Shantel Feya’s career as an adult entertainer has not only made her famous but also brought her lots of money. By working hard and having a go-getter attitude, she has become a successful businesswoman. She has used her popularity to make extra money by selling merchandise and partnering with adult brands. Her net worth is $600,000.

Shantel Feya Age

Her date of birth is 24th October,1988 making her 36 years in 2024 and she has a zodiac sign of Gemini.

What is the Height and Weight of Shantel Feya?

Her height is 1.6 meters and her weight is 141 lbs , trust me she is able to really control herself very well.

Social Life 


Is Shantel Feya Dating? 

Her relationship status is “Single” at the moment.

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Shantel Feya has totally crushed it in the adult industry. She’s got like over 100 videos on Xhamster and Pornhub, and people are obsessed with her. She even gets shout-outs from big-time channels. Her performances are off the charts, and she’s killing it with her business ventures too. Basically, Shantel Feya is a rising star in the adult industry and everyone knows it.

Frequently Questions Asked about Shantel Feya

What is the Net Worth of Shantel Feya?

She has a net worth of $600,000.

Is Shantel Feya still alive?

Yes, as far as we know, she is still alive

Where was Shantel Feya born?

Her place of birth is Russia

Is Shantel Feya Dating or Married?

Her relationship status is “Single”.

What is Shantel Feya Boyfriend or Fiancé name?

Just like you, we are also wondering the name of her boyfriend or partner could be, we will however up you here as soon as we get to know her boyfriend’s name.

What is Shantel Feya Real name?

We assume her real name is Shantel Feya

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