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Spicy J, a popular adult actress, was born on September 26th, 1980, in Spanish Harlem, New York City. While her stage name may suggest a different ethnicity, Spicy J is indeed of white ethnicity. She has gained recognition for her captivating performances and has established herself as a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry.

Her career in the adult industry has allowed her to showcase her talents and connect with a diverse range of fans. Her performances have captivated audiences with her unique style and magnetic presence. Through her work, she has been able to explore and express her sexuality in a way that resonates with her audience.

As an adult actress, Spicy J has been able to carve out a successful career for herself. Her work in the industry has provided her with opportunities to collaborate with other renowned performers and production companies. Her professionalism and dedication have made her a sought-after talent in the adult entertainment world.

Biography / Bio

Spicy J, whose real name is Jasmine Santana, has made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry through her captivating performances and alluring presence. Throughout her career, she has garnered significant attention and has become a familiar face in the world of adult entertainment.

Jasmine Santana has been able to generate income through her work in the adult industry. While specific figures can vary, it is safe to say that the adult business can be financially rewarding for those who establish themselves. Her success and popularity have likely contributed to her financial stability within the industry.

With a career spanning several years, Spicy J has created a substantial body of work, featuring in over 200 adult videos. These videos showcase her talents and appeal to a wide audience. Her performances are available on various top adult platforms, including popular websites such as Pornhub. Additionally, she has been featured on channels affiliated with Bang Bros, a well-known production company in the adult entertainment industry.

While it is challenging to determine an exact net worth, it is evident that Spicy J has been able to establish herself as a successful adult actress. Her work, collaborations, and online presence have likely contributed to her financial success and stability within the industry.

In addition to her adult video career, she has expanded her reach into other avenues of adult entertainment. She has ventured into camming on platforms like Cam Soda, allowing her to connect with fans and further monetize her popularity. Furthermore, she has gained recognition internationally, with her work being featured on platforms like Japan Lust.

What is Spicy J Net Worth?

Spicy J has not only gained fame but also achieved a substantial financial success throughout her career. While specific figures can vary, it is estimated that her salary from adult videos and overall net worth falls within the range of $500,000 to $700,000.

As a prolific performer in the adult entertainment industry, Spicy J has appeared in numerous adult videos, showcasing her unique talents and captivating presence. Her popularity and demand have allowed her to negotiate favorable compensation for her work, contributing to her impressive salary. Additionally, her ability to connect with a diverse audience has undoubtedly played a role in her financial success.

While it’s important to note that exact net worth figures can be challenging to determine accurately, it is clear that she has been able to accumulate a significant amount of wealth through her career. Her earnings from her adult videos, collaborations with production companies, and ventures into other aspects of the adult entertainment industry have all contributed to her overall net worth.

How old is Spicy J? 

Her date of birth is 26st September, 1980. making her 43 years in 2023 and she has a zodiac sign of Libra.

What is the Height and Weight of Spicy J?

For someone who is an adult, her height as we know it is 5ft3in (160cm) and her weight is 121lbs (55kg), trust me she is able to really control herself very well.

Social Life 

someone of her caliber it is only natural that she makes her presence on the internet active so that she can communicate with her fan base. The table below shows the social media she is available on. 


Is Spicy J Dating? 

Her relationship status is “Unknown” at the moment.

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Wiki / Wikipedia

Real NameJasmine Santana
Date of Birth26st September, 1980
Birth Day26st September
Place of BirthUnited States
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5ft3in (160cm)
Weight121lbs (55kg)
PH Views20 million
Summary of Spicy J Biography

Frequently Questions Asked about Spicy J

What is the Age of Spicy J?

Her date of birth is 26st September, 1980. making her 43 years in 2023 and she has a zodiac sign of Libra.

What is the Net Worth of Spicy J?

She is worth an amount of $500,000 to $600,000. this is largely because of the kind of job she does and the duration of time she has been doing it. 

What is the Height and Weight of Spicy J?

For someone who is an adult, her exact height is 5ft3in (160cm) and weight is also 121lbs (55kg).

Is Spicy J still alive?

Yes, as far as we know, she is still alive

Where was Spicy J born?

Her place of birth is United States of America

Is Spicy J Dating or Married?

Her relationship status is “Unknown”.

What is Spicy J Boyfriend or Fiancé name?

Just like you, we are also wondering the name of her boyfriend or partner could be, we will however up you here as soon as we get to know her boyfriend’s name.

What is Spicy J Real name?

We assume her real name is Jasmine Santana.

What is Spicy J Twitter?

Her verified Twitter account is unknown

What is Spicy J Snap Chat Account?

Her Snap Chat account is unknown

What is Spicy J Instagram?

Her verified Instagram account is unknown

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