Stardew Valley Hardwood, Temporal and Permanent Supply

Ruby McKenzie
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Hardwood in Stardew Valley like Mahogany is a potent resource, and it’s used for a lot of items like an oil maker or cheese press house upgrades and various quests also require hardwood but there’s a problem, where do you get hardwood? Well, at least when I started playing I had no idea where to get hardwood or how to get a steady hardwood supply. To fully upgrade your house, you will need about 150 hardwoods, so today we will be looking at how and where to get hardwood in Stardew Valley.

How to get a Silver Axe in Stardew Valley

Okay let’s get started, To get hardwood you will need to have a steel axe and to get a steel axe, you will first need to upgrade your axe to a copper axe.

The process is simple take five (5) copper bars to Clint the blacksmith and 2000 gold to upgrade your axe to a copper axe and this process will take two days.

And then to upgrade to Silver axe, take five (5) silver bars and 5000 gold to upgrade your axe to a silver axe, this is the minimum your axe needs to get into the secret woods to farm hardwood daily.

Where to find Hardwood in Stardew Valley

You will need to find large stumps on your farm, these can be hit with a copper axe and will give you hardwoods.

 The large logs on your farm can also give you hardwoods but can only be hit with a silver axe, but these large stumps and logs that spawn on your farm will not provide you a steady supply of hardwoods.

How to Get a Steady of Consistent Supply of Stardew Valley Hardwood

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to get a steady or consistent supply of hardwood in Stardew Valley 1.5.

Before Stardew Valley 1.5 the best bet for most players was to just go to the secret forest and try to just cut down the hardwood that was there. This method still works but now in Stardew Valley 1.5, there’s actually a much easier, much better and much more efficient way of getting hardwood.

This is now possible due to the addition of mahogany trees, these trees don’t exactly behave like other trees do in Stardew Valley so today we are going to be going over all of their quirks and how to efficiently use them.

 The first step to being able to use a mahogany tree to your advantage is to get a mahogany seed. Your farm does start with a few mahogany trees and a few mahogany seeds scattered throughout it when you first start the game. They are pretty rare though and if you ended up clearing out your farm and lose these seeds, it can be difficult to find more.

 Luckily there’s a little known and very easy way to get more mahogany seeds, just head down to a secret woods and kill a slimmer.

These slimes are one of the best and easiest sources of mahogany seed it’s in the entire game. So, if you are ever pressed for getting extra mahogany seeds, this is definitely the place to go.

Now it’s time to actually plant your mahogany tree but you have to be a little bit careful about this part, unlike your typical tree. These trees don’t have a guaranteed growth and they can actually not grow at all, or they can grow very slowly. They can just be a little bit delicate which is why it’s very important to use tree fertilizer on them.

 Tree fertilizer is unlocked at foraging level seven (7) and it’s fairly cheap to make. Tree fertilizer greatly improves the chances that your mahogany seed will grow successfully and quickly so I definitely recommend using it, especially if you are having problems getting one to grow, just going with the tree fertilizer route is your best bet.

 Once you plant your mahogany seeds they are going to take a while to grow, at this point as much as you have the option of cutting down your tree, I however wouldn’t really recommend it. Cutting it down does give you around eight to ten hardwoods, but you could get so much more if you are just a little bit more patient.

 Instead of chopping down the tree, you can allow it to grow and check back in a few days which five days is recommended.

 All right, let’s assume it’s been five days, and if we go back, we will see that already there are seeds that will be growing around the mahogany tree.  You can instantly grow give the new growing Mahogany trees some fertilizers and wait for another five more.

Checking back in five days later you can see we actually already have three more trees that are ready to go. At this point you can put a tamper on these trees and start getting some sap out of them and that would be a pretty good source of getting consistent SAP as well as hardwood.  at this point our tree field is super big we are quickly getting more and more seeds every day and this is when you want to start shaking your trees to get some mahogany seeds.

 So, once you have a nice number of trees if you just go through and shake all of them once every few days, you should be starting to get some mahogany seeds pretty consistently. Once you feel like you are starting to get a pretty good amount of mahogany seeds every time you go through and shake all of your trees. This is the time that you can start cutting down your trees. You’re officially getting enough seeds that you can replace the trees that you cut down and you can consistently keep up this high number of trees in the little area you planted your mahogany.  And this is pretty much all there is to it, you can so quickly get a large number of trees in such a condensed little area with this little method.


I really like doing this because it’s almost like farming any other crop but it just has its own little unique set of challenges, so I really recommend doing this, especially if you are pressed for hardwood or you just want to have an experiment trying to grow something new in your farm. I really recommend starting this process pretty early in your farm because it takes a while for it to get to this point, but once you have got it going. It goes really fast, and it’s very, very good way of getting Hardwood in Stardew Valley.

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