Stardew Valley Luau Ultimate Guide and Best Gift

Ruby McKenzie
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Do you really know much about the Stardew Valley Luau? Well, I am going to share with you details about the Luau in Stardew Valley, the date it comes, how best to get a good luck at the Luau festival. The Stardew Valley low comes once a year, on the 11th of summer, and it’s actually a very important event. Check below for more details into the Stardew Valley Luau. 

A lot of people don’t know this but the potluck event affects your relationships with every person in Stardew Valley, if you put in a low-quality item, it will reduce the relationship progress with every character in the game. Don’t let the potluck bring down your friendship with Penny, that would be a crime. Instead, take advantage of the potluck to boost your friendships with everyone.  

You put in one of the items below into the potluck you will gain as much relationship progress as giving to love to gifts. 


Super Cucumber 
Goats Milk 
Fairy Rose 

 Remember, they need to be gold quality or higher. There is a special rule. If you have nothing good to give to the potluck, if you donate nothing to the potluck all your relationships will be unaffected. So, if you don’t have anything awesome to give rather give nothing, then risk losing relationship progress.  

An easy way to always win the maximum the friendship is to use the super cucumber; you can catch the super cucumber during summer by the beach.  

Super cucumber is kind of hard to catch but you can do it, you know catching each fish has it difficulty level, you can view fishing difficulty in Stardew Valley here to help you understand what it takes to catch any fish. 

Now, let’s assume you have caught the super cucumber and it has gold quality that’s perfect, it’s exactly what is needed.  

Okay now you can begin to head towards the Luau and when you arrive at the Luau, you can put your secret ingredient the super cucumber in the soup.  

   You can then request the governor to go judge the soup. I have put in my secret ingredient. 

Governor’s Speech 

What a lovely occasion…. It’s always a joy to visit Stardew Valley. 

Lewis Speech 

Look sharp! The governor is here for his annual visit. 

If you brought something for the potluck make sure and add it to the soup cauldron. 

At this point, you would be asked if the governor should step forward to taste soup and you definitely should answer yes. 

Lewis Speech 

Well folks, it’s time once again for the potluck ceremony. 

I trust that you all put high quality ingredients in the pot this year. We don’t want the governor to regret his visit to the valley! 

Well… Governor? Will you do us the honor of tasting the soup? 

Governor’s Speech 

Of course! I’ve been looking forward to this all year. 

Oh my… that’s the best soup I’ve ever tasted! 

Lewis Speech 

You are right…. It’s delicious! 

Remember table 1.0 are the items you need to use to get the best possible result and always deliver the best soup. I hope this has helped you make the best potluck in Stardew Valley Luau ever.  

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