Stardew Valley Silo, How to Build a Good One for Your farm to Save Money

Ruby McKenzie
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I’m going to provide you with an essential information on how to build a silo in Stardew Valley. Silos are really useful because they can hold grass that you can cut outside right in your lawn. This will lead to you having a lot of food for your livestock without spending a lot of money at Marnie’s farm.

Go to Robin’s shop. The shop opens up at 9am and once you enter go ahead to talk Robin at the cashier section about constructing a farm building and here, you’re going to have a catalogue of all the different buildings that you can build, including a silo. So, when you click on it and go through, you’re going to notice that the silo costs a 100 Gold, 100 Stone, 10 clay and five copper bars.

Once you’re ready to build it, go ahead and hit that little hammer icon shown below and she’s going to ask you where you want to build it.

And keep in mind that this is not an instantaneous thing, it’s going to take time for her to actually build it, but once you have it ready, you are going to be able to store all the grass automatically when you cut it from your lawn. It’s important that you don’t cut it before you have a silo, otherwise you’re just wasting it.

Behavior of Silo

Each silo may hold up to 240 hay bales. Interacting with it allows you to see how much is currently preserved. If the player owns more than one silo, the total storage and capacity of all silos on The Farm is displayed.

Hay can be added to the silo in a number of ways:

  • When The Player cuts grass on their farm with the scythe, there is a 50% chance that 1 hay is added to the silo.
  • Hay can be purchased from Marnie’s Ranch for Gold.png50g and added to the silo by left- or right-clicking on the silo while holding the hay.
  • Hay can be obtained when harvesting Wheat and added to the silo in the same way.

Hay from the silo may be accessed by hay hoppers in the Coops and Barns, which can be utilized to feed their respective animals.

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