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New Review of Litecoin, Get to Know the Privacy, History, Advantages, Disadvantages of Using it

Lite coin is perhaps one of the oldest old coins on the market. In fact, many consider it to be one of the original old times of coins. Silver to bitcoins gold, however, is this silver still all that shiny.


If you are reading this article, there is a good chance you are familiar with Lite coin, we all know, it’s an open-source digital currency that offers global payments without the use of a centralized authority.

Litecoin began in 2011, launched by former Google employee Charlie Lee. The project is a fork of bitcoins core client with a few slightly altered attributes. One such alteration is the algorithm through which Litecoin is mined, called script. Let’s start there. like Bitcoin, Litecoin is a proof of work coin. However, Litecoin differs from its Bitcoin ancestor in a few ways. For starters, Litecoin offers faster results with shorter block times which take roughly two and a half minutes, compared to bitcoins 10 minutes. As a result, Litecoin provides lower transaction fees and faster transaction validation than you will get on Bitcoin.

The project does this through its mining algorithm referred to as script. When Litecoin mining started the intention was to allow those who didn’t have access to powerful ASIC machines a way to mine using their home computers and graphics cards. However, as time went on, specialized Litecoin mining computers with ASIC capabilities were developed essentially eliminating profitability with a CPU or GPU. Because of the algorithm block times and mining difficulty Litecoin has a max throughput of Fifty-Six (56) transactions per second. Now this is considerably more than Bitcoin seven (7). Of course, it’s worth pointing out that this is unchained throughput. The hope is that off Chain Solutions like the Lightning Network could dramatically scale this more.

Basic Features of Litecoin

Let’s now take a look at some of the other primary features of the Litecoin network. One technology that Litecoin is a particularly strong adopter of is atomic swaps. with atomic swaps, users can instantly perform cross chain transactions. What does this mean? well it means you can trade your Bitcoin for Litecoin without the need of a centralized exchange. A little over two years ago, Decred (DCR) and Litecoin were the first two projects that completed the first ever cross chain atomic swap.

So, there are a few benefits to using atomic swaps. First you remove the middleman which is something in the crypto community is all about. It’s slightly illogical to rely on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange to trade an asset that is the pinnacle of decentralized technology. Yes, Coinbase is pretty simple to use but they still control your trading while on the exchange. Secondly, it removes your funds from the potential [email protected] that occur on exchanges. With the atomic swaps there’s no need to send your funds to an exchange, it’s done right from your own wallets. So, it’s wise for Litecoin to pursue atomic swap technology but there are some challenges that could face. The problem is the atomic swaps are a fairly new technology. Currently they aren’t easily available to the general public. Nevertheless, Litecoin’s leading man, Charlie Lee is a big proponent of the atomic swaps and the benefits they will provide. After all, he did perform one of the first ones on record.

Another big piece of atomic swaps is the Lightning Network that I mentioned earlier, for those who don’t know the Lightning Network is the off-chain scaling solution that is being developed for Bitcoin. Litecoin views itself as one of the best coins for performing atomic swaps on the Lightning Network due to the length of time it takes to complete a transaction on its blockchain.

Bitcoin transactions are slower and much more expensive than Litecoin which means is both faster and cheaper to complete an atomic swap through Litecoin’s blockchain. Plus, once the Litecoin channel is opened on the Lightning Network, it will also allow for the exchange of Bitcoin. This means users can trade their Bitcoin without opening the channel on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Now while this type of problem may not be a big deal to those who use the Lightning Network to perform a lot of transactions, it would matter to those who only need to complete a few operations. In this instance, Litecoin would be a much better solution for atomic swaps on the Lightning Network due to its cost effectiveness and speed.

Moving on, though. Another technological improvement that Litecoin users have been adopting successfully is Segregated. so, let’s take a look at that, shall we? Segwit or segregated witness is a technology that is intended to help mitigate the size limitation problems associated with blockchains, by freeing up space in the blocks there is more room for transactions and hence faster throughput.

Based on a report released by Litecoin earlier, SegWit usage on the Litecoin platform has skyrocketed reaching 75% in just a little over two and a half years since it was first launched. This is a welcome change as up until recently, it hadn’t managed to get past 50% adoption. Even though the technology was initially met with resistance, it has ultimately helped reduce transaction costs while also improving blockchain efficiency. It is also a head of the approximate 50% SegWit that we currently have on Bitcoin, so top marks to Litecoin for that.


One of the biggest challenges currently facing public blockchains is the increasing lack of privacy as envisioned by Satoshi. as a transparent ledger Litecoin also faces this challenge. Currently, all Litecoin transactions are completely public, that means there’s a lot of information that can be deduced from your transactions. Over time this data can be used to track a person’s wealth or purchases. So Litecoin devs have been exploring ways to make it fungible. One of Litecoins improvement proposals or lips presented a few months ago was the implementation of the mimblewimble protocol. This is a pretty advanced protocol that can obfuscate transactions and make them private. From a development perspective, the Litecoin foundation is establishing a dedicated fund that will be used to sponsor a developer who is specifically working on the mimblewimble code. So, things seem to be moving in the right direction when it comes to privacy on the Litecoin blockchain. But what is this Litecoin Foundation, and how does it fit in with the broader Litecoin ecosystem? The Litecoin Foundation is a nonprofit registered in Singapore that has a number of aims. Prime among these is the adoption of Litecoin across the world. This organization also works in tandem with the Litecoin core team while supporting it financially.

The Litecoin foundation is funded primarily through donations, along with three sponsor programs that attract investors. The foundation also works with a wide variety of payment gateways. This includes companies like coin payments, coin gate, tovala and so on.

By establishing this type of development infrastructure and establishing key partnerships, Litecoin can quickly expand its user base. The Litecoin foundation is also actively engaged in finding partners to work alongside the project’s ecosystem development, some are successful, some are not. For example, linked pay was highly regarded as a merchant solution that would rival Bitpay, unfortunately, that endeavor was shut down in March of 2018. Having said that, just a few months later in July of 2018 Litecoin launched in partnership with token pay a decentralized payment solution, the intent behind this type of relationship is fairly straightforward. Light coin will aid token pay with its blockchain development and in exchange, token pay integrates Litecoin into its merchant platform allowing its users to make payments using Litecoin. So, the Litecoin foundation is actively working to increase adoption of Litecoin, but is this having any impact. Well, let’s take a look at some of the initiatives and partnerships that the foundation and broader Litecoin community have been working on, shall we? There have been many examples but perhaps one of the most recent is the flexor platform. with its integration into the flexor platform this past summer, Litecoin added more than 39,000 merchants to its already vast network. There are merchants across the globe that accept Litecoin as a form of payment with most existing in Europe and the United States. However, there are also quite a few in parts of Asia as well, including Indonesia and India. These efforts are beginning to show signs of fruition as evidenced by recent partnerships with major companies like HTC, UFC and it also doesn’t hurt that the cryptocurrency is an official partner of the Miami Dolphins, an American football team.



These are the top 10 Tips and Tricks in iOS 15 you need to check now

iOS 15 is now available to download and there are a lot of new features that you’re going to love. I want to cover some of my top tips and tricks for iOS 15, especially for new users so let’s get right into it.

1. How to use Live text in iOS 15.

First of all, let’s talk about one of the coolest features with iOS 15 and that is something called Live text. live text is a feature that lets you basically select text directly from your camera or a picture and lets you copy and paste it, look up a definition or actually translate it. to activate this feature, you can do it in a couple of different ways. The easiest way to do this is to open up the camera app and point your camera at the text you want to select. when the camera recognizes that text, you will see an icon pop up in the bottom right. select that icon and you will see a little pop up of a photo that your iPhone took and all of the text in that image. from there all you have to do is drag and hold your finger over the text in the photo, like you would with any other text on your iPhone and you will be able to select all of the text or a specific portion of it, and then from there, you can copy the text, paste it into another app, look up a word for a definition, translate the word into another language or share the text with another app.

Another way to activate this feature is just to go into your photo library and any photo with existing text should already be retroactively added to use this feature. so, you can select text even from older photos you took before iOS 15 even came out, and it works exactly the same way as if you opened up the camera app directly with all of the same options. This is a really cool feature and I find it extremely useful for copying and pasting information, especially on those certain websites or apps where you actually can’t select text for some reason. Well now you can just screenshot it and then copy and paste from there or if we’re just taking quick photos of something you want to share like a menu at a restaurant, and you could just take a photo of it then copy and paste it to one of your friends. This is one of the most useful iOS 15 features and it’s really easy to use and understand for new users.

2. Safari new address bar trick.

Now, if you are not a new user to iOS, I mean a lot of people have been using iPhones for a long time, you might have noticed that when you opened up Safari, things look a little bit different with a new tab bar option which now places the address bar at the bottom of your iPhone screen and move some things around as well. And while you may like this new tab bar design, I’m sure there’s a lot of people reading this article may not like it based on preference. After being used to almost 15 years of the iPhone browser design, where the address bar was at the top of their iPhone and I totally get that because it took me so long to get used to the address bar being on the bottom and I would just constantly tap the top to enter in a new website and it was so frustrating. So, if you don’t like this new change, fear not, because you can actually revert it back to the old-style single tab design. To do this, all you have to do is go into settings, scroll down to Safari. Tap Safari and then scroll down to the tabs area, from there you can change the settings of Safari from the new tab bar back to the old single tab design. Once you do this, you will get the old design and everything will be where you remember it from iOS 14 and basically every other iOS version before that. The safari URL will be at the top.

3. Face time new feature.

Perhaps one of the most use feature with an iPhone is FaceTime and iOS 15 gives us a simple feature that I think is actually going to be one of the most used features on this list. Now, while a lot of the share play features are unfortunately delayed with iOS 15, One feature that is not delayed is the ability for the first time ever on FaceTime is to have a FaceTime call with Android users and not only Android users but Windows users or frankly any user that can access a web browser. So now you can FaceTime with anyone, even people who don’t own an iPhone and doing this is so simple, all you have to do is go into the FaceTime app and on the top, you will see a new option to create a link, tap on it and you will get options to share this link easily to services like messages, email, Twitter, and more. Or you can just simply tap on copy and then you can paste this link to anyone. When you send this link to a non-iPhone user, all they have to do is click on the link and it will open in their web browser. they get to pick a name, and then they are right in your FaceTime call. so now you don’t have to leave out that one random sibling who just, you know, kept on refusing to get an iPhone and everyone else in the family got an iPhone, and they were constantly left out of the family FaceTime calls lol.

4. Offline feature added to Siri.

Another thing you need to try in iOS 15 is the faster offline Siri because now in iOS 15, certain Siri requests can be done on device without a connection to the internet and will even work in airplane mode because you don’t need an internet connection, and because you don’t need an internet connection, you don’t need to wait to send and receive this data and Siri can do voice tasks very quickly. For example, you can now tell Siri to open an app control system setting, set a timer or an alarm or skip or play a previous music track. all of these requests work offline now, and because of that, they are just super-fast to activate. so, give it a try for yourself.

5. Custom focuses added in iOS 15.

Another tip, you’ll want to try is taking control of your digital lifestyle by setting custom focuses. focus is a new system in iOS 15 that completely changes the way you manage your phone’s notifications and what apps you see, and like its name implies focus helps you focus on the task at hand by creating a custom status that allows you to control what notifications you can receive on your device from people, as well as apps, and you can even customize it with personal dedicated pages that surface when you turn on that focus. So, let’s say when you are in work mode, you can allow notifications from a select group of close family members, friends or other people that you communicate with for work reasons. then you can also choose to mute notifications from apps that can be distracting. And finally, you can have a custom page with the apps that you use most frequently during your work day. For example; mail, YouTube studio, Whatsapp, Calculator and so on, along with some other helpful widgets. You can set these focuses to be enabled automatically depending on time, location or even when you are opening a specific app. So, let’s say you are watching YouTube or playing a game and you don’t want any notifications to come through. Well, you can set that up as well. custom focuses are one of the biggest overhauls to how you manage notifications on the iPhone.

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Google Doodle celebrates the search engine’s 23rd birthday

Google is marking its 23rd birthday on Monday with a new Doodle. The animated Doodle features a layered birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles and the number 23 written on the top. The search giant’s name, which is also covered in frosting and sprinkles, is floating above and the flickering green birthday candle stands in for the “L” in “Google.”

Officially established on Sept. 4, 1998, Google was co-founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In 1997, Brin, a graduate student at Stanford University at the time, was tasked with showing Page around campus. The following year, the pair developed the first prototype of Google together in their dorms.

Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google and its parent, Alphabet, succeeded Page in 2015.

Since those early days, Google has grown to become one of the most expansive tech companies in the world. With its market dominance has come increased scrutiny from lawmakers, regulators and its own employees. In July, a group of state attorneys from 36 US states and Washington, D.C., sued Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws with its Play store for Android apps. In recent years, Google employees have protested and accused the search giant’s management of retaliating against some of its workers. Google and Alphabet employees have also formed a union so they have a “meaningful say” in decisions.

Source: Cnet

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New features and 19 settings you need to change now in Apple iOS 15

Today I’m to be showing you some new settings in iOS 15 that you need to change on your iPhone right away. So, these are going to be settings that will have an impact on your privacy, your battery life and just overall ease of use throughout iOS 15. So, now let’s go ahead and get into the settings that you should strongly consider changing immediately once you have an iOS 15.

1. Safari.

The first one has to do with Safari and your IP address. So, if you open the settings of your iOS and navigate to Safari click on it, and then scroll down until you see hide IP address, you want to tap on that and make sure that is turned on, you do not want this off. this will hide your IP address. your IP address can be used to determine personal information like your location and this is going to protect you from that. Now you might also see from trackers, so you need to make sure that’s enabled, that’s only if you have a private relay enabled. if you don’t have private relay enabled.

2. Private relay.

So, in iOS 15 and iCloud there is a new feature called Private relay, and you can see that in your iOS settings. If you tap on that, you may want to consider turning this on. So, this is going to hide your IP address and your internet activity, so that websites cannot build a profile for you based on your web activity. however, this is not a VPN, it only works in Safari and it can’t hide the region you’re connecting from, so you’re not going to get the same benefits that you do from a VPN, but this is still a very great feature to have in iOS 15.

3. Hide my email.

So, this is another really great privacy feature in iOS 15 that’s going to allow you to use a unique random address that forwards to your actual email address, this is going to keep your personal emails private. this is great if you want to maybe sign up to a website’s newsletter, to get a discount, or if you just thought your information might get sold to a third party, then you definitely want to have an alias email set up and of course if you start getting spammed, you can delete that alias email and just create a new one, very easily.

So, if you want to do it just tap on create a new address on Hide my email section in your iOS settings. Once you click on “create new email” You will see that it gives a random email. basically, it just combines random words with numbers and that’s what you get for your alias email address which you are able to label them.

4. Focus mode.

Now the next thing you might want to change has to do with focus modes and notifying others when you are in a focus mode. so, as you may know already in iOS 15 once you enter a focus mode, an alert will be shown to other people who attempt to text you and it will let them know that your notifications have been silenced. you can disable this if you go into your settings and navigate to focus, then change the focus status. you could turn it off for everybody or selected people only. so that is definitely a setting you should consider changing if you don’t want specific people seeing when you’re in that focus mode.

5. Background sound.

The next setting, you may want to change is inside of accessibility. so, if you go into your accessibility of your iOS settings, you then navigate to audio visual and then to background sounds. So, what this feature does is, it plays some background sound like the rain, ocean and just different ambient noises that will help you concentrate or go to sleep and you can also stop sounds when locked.

6. Preserve night mode.

The next setting, you may want to change in iOS 15 has to do with the Camera. so, if you go into camera settings, navigate to preserve settings and then turn on your night mode and also live photo. This feature helps you to take better photos at night or in low light.

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