Summer 2022 Accessories for Men: Six Hot Items You Simply Have to Have!

Staying on top of the latest fashion trends can sometimes feel like a full-time job, and for men, it’s arguably a more challenging road to travel than women. This is down to a number of reasons, one of which being that there are simply fewer options out there because, let’s be honest, the fashion industry as a whole is still very much geared to the feminine form, and another reason is the comparative lack of help that men might get from magazines, fashion experts and gurus. 

However, we are here to help you in your hour of need.

Many people make the mistake of reshuffling and updating their entire wardrobe to cater for a particular season, or at the very least investing very large sums in this direction, when really all you need is an excellent base when it comes to the accessories you have to choose from.

Accessories should be more than just an afterthought and definitely something you don’t just grab near the counter as you are picking up a new shirt or trousers. The right additions to your outfit could prove hugely effective.

Here are some tips and items to consider and look out for.

Understated Jewelry Selection

Let’s talk about bling. Sometimes less is more; in fact, most of the time, less is more, and for the summer, we feel that your accessories should be understated and well thought out. With this in mind, when it comes to men’s jewellery, keep it simple but effective. So consider, for instance, a custom name necklace as an accessory option for 2022. 

There are plenty of options to select from here as the market is very saturated right now, and that will make it easier to find something that works for your own personal style palette.

Stylish Woven Belt

Continuing that woven, earthy feel, we are big fans of woven belts. A belt is a good strong accessory choice for men. It’s the kind of detailing that can really pull off an entire look or ensemble.

A belt can be for both work and pleasure, and a webbed or woven belt is a nice touch that works in both camps. Consider moving away from black leather and towards cotton or suede, and you can add a little burst of energy with a more vibrant buckle. 

No Show Socks

It’s the summer, but you don’t want to be walking around all day and night in sandals, which leaves options such as an elegant pair of loafers, but wearing these without socks is likely to end badly (be that due to the style issues or comfort). So be sure to invest in some no-show socks.

Sometimes accessories aren’t there to be seen; quite the opposite, where it’s all about the effectiveness of the item over the decorative nature of it.  

Transparent See-Through Sunglasses

There’s no need to hide in the dark this summer. It’s time to think of sunglasses as not merely a chance to mask bloodshot eyes after a heavy night out or to simply shield you from the summer sun.

Whereas previous seasons have seen an influx in oversized chunky sunglass trends, both for men and women, this summer is more about a futuristic approach. Look for a pair that has light frames and sport a colored lens that still shows off your eyes. Square and rectangle are to be pursued, and this gives you a chance to move away from the tried and tested aviators you’ve been hogging for far too long.

Tote-ally The Right Bagging Choice

Do you know that feeling that you’ve left home without something? Well, worry no more as this summer you are going to get yourself a big sturdy but effortlessly modern and fashionable tote bag. Here you can pack everything you need for that night out that’s straight after work and also a change of clothes if you don’t make it home.

Though this item may not seem all that stylish, you can choose to get yourself one that shows hints of character, and we’d suggest ones with plenty of compartments for you to handily pack your essentials.

The Bucket Hat is Back

You might think that far too many of our fashion trends are nods to the 90s and the 00s, and you’d be right. Frankly, the idea of buying, and wearing, a bucket hat (if you happen to be old enough to have worn one the first time around) might scare you half to death. The thing is, it’s 100% back in fashion. 

In terms of headwear, there are many decisions you can make that might be a step too far or just not far enough. For instance, some fashionistas might suggest you don a beret..and that may be something you are not ready for. Similarly, you could play it safe with a faded and worn baseball cap, but where’s the fun, or style, in that? 

So embrace the trend, get yourself a bucket hat, neutral colors only, and pair it with a light and fun look, and it might just work!