The Best Applications For Making Friends Abroad

Are you moving to a new country, or are you living in one already, but you’re having trouble making friends? You’re not the only one. Moving abroad is already hard, leaving behind friends, family, and culture, but making friends in a foreign country might also be difficult. For this reason, countless applications have been released lately. These apps help you find friends online or even make friends in the city you’re living in through exchanges and activities. Keep reading to find out about all these applications and how you can use them.

Find Random People With LuckyCrush

LuckyCrush is one of the best applications you can use if you’re looking for friends abroad. The goal of this platform is to connect people from all over the world while taking away the language barrier. The app does this with its integrated real-time translator that translates everything you or your conversational partner say in each other’s native language. In this way, you can communicate with each other even if you don’t speak their language.

This application’s goal is to find potential partners more than to find friends. Still, because of its ability to take away language barriers, it has been known to be a great tool for forging international friendships as well. Do be aware that this app only connects you with people from the opposite sex and that you cannot select a specific country. If your goal is to get connected to random people anywhere in the world and have a great conversation, this app is certainly one to try out.

Find People With The Same Hobbies On MeetUp

MeetUp is one of the first applications to download if you’re moving abroad. This application can be used to create, list, host, and enroll in meetings in almost any city in the world. However, this application mostly focuses on big cities, but if you’re moving to Barcelona, Shanghai, Mexico City, or any other major hub, you’ll surely find some activities to attend here.

On the app, you can post and enroll in all sorts of activities, from sports-related activities, such as running, hiking, biking, or boot camps, to cooking classes, day trips, and more. One of the most popular activities, and the one that is often attended by people who have moved abroad, is the language exchange meeting. People from all over the world who have just moved to the city and locals offering their language services for free attend these meetings. It’s a great place to find like-minded people and start a new friendship.

Facebook: The Place To Meet Expats

Last but not least, an app that almost everybody uses and can certainly help you find friends is Facebook. Specifically, the feature of Facebook groups is a great way to make friends abroad. All you have to do is search for groups with people in the same city and become a member. Usually, people post about culture or bureaucracy-related problems they’re encountering, and activities they’re hosting, among other things. Participate actively, and you’ll be able to make friends in no time.

If you’re planning on moving to a new city but are not sure which one, Facebook groups can also help you decide. Become a member of groups with people from the city you’re planning on moving to, and it’ll help you indicate if the expat groups in this place are active or not. If making friends in a new place is important to you, certainly consider this tip.