The Best Stardew Valley Sprinkler and How to Get it

Today we are going to talk about Sprinkler in Stardew Valley, Sprinklers are one of the most important farmers aides, when it comes to having a massive large farm. We’re going to go into a deep dive on each different types of the sprinkler. Alright so in Stardew Valley, there are three types of sprinklers, there is the regular sprinkler, the quality sprinkler and the Iridium sprinkler each sprinkler functions basically the same way, except for how much of an area they will actually cover on your farm.  

What are the types of Sprinklers available in Stardew Valley? 

There are about 3 types of Sprinklers available in Stardew Valley and they are listed below’

  1. Regular Sprinkler 
  2. Qaulity Sprinkler 
  3. Iridium Sprinkler 

Stardew Valley: Regular Sprinkler 

Alright so first off, we have the regular sprinkler. It’s unlocked at level two (2) of the farming, and it could be crafted using one copper bar, and one iron bar. Now bars can be smelted at the furnace, using five pieces of each of the respective ores.  

Copper Ore 

This can be found at the lowest levels of the mine. As you get into it, you will start finding copper or they can be purchased at the blacksmith for 75 gold in year one.  

Each bar once you’re throwing into the furnace takes about 30 minutes. And if you basically purchase every single ore it would cost you around 375 to craft a bar.  

Iron Ore  

Can be found all around floors 40 to 80 of the mine. You can also purchase these from the blacksmith for about 150 gold each. So, each bar takes about two hours in game to smelt. And if you were to basically purchase each ore from the blacksmith from Cliff, it would cost you 750 gold per bar. So, for each sprinkler, the total cost would basically average around 1,125 gold and two hours and 30 minutes in game time to smelt everything. 

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Stardew Valley: Quality Sprinkler 

Quality sprinkler is the next one up, but it is unlocked at level six, farming, it can be crafted using one iron bar one gold bar, and one refined quartz.  

Iron Ore 

Iron ore can be found, basically around, like I said, 40 to 80 in the mine or can be purchase from the blacksmith for 150 in year one and takes two (2) hours to smelt.  However, If you are basically going to purchase every single or it will be about 750.  

Gold Ore 

Now gold ore is a lot more difficult; it’s found at the higher levels of the mines. So pretty much floor 80 and above, or you can purchase it for 400 gold each in year one (1). So, if you are trying to craft a bar, just by purchasing it, it would take five hours in game time to smelt it all. And each of those ores combined would cost you around 2000 Gold.  

Refined Quartz 

Now, the last component is a refined quartz, which also needs to be smelted in the furnace. You can use regular quartz, and it takes about an hour and 30 minutes in game time. Now if you are having hard time finding quartz in the mines, which is pretty much standard floor, one through all the way. You can also use glass or broken CDs to basically recycle them. And then you will get quartz and smelted that way.  

So, for each sprinkler the total cost is around 2750 gold, and it takes about eight hours and 30 minutes in game time to smelt everything. Now if you have the money. You can also go to the traveling cart, and they will randomly have it in stock. This rotates through so it’s not always going to be there every single time. The price fluctuates from 1300 to around 2300 Anywhere in between there.  

Stardew Valley: Iridium Sprinkler 

Now the final sprinkler is the Iridium sprinkler, it is unlocked at level nine (9) farming and crafted using one gold bar, one Iridium bar and one battery pack. Once again, bars have to be smelted using five of the Ore. 

Gold Ore 

I have already talk about gold Ore being found after floor 80, or you can purchase it for 400 gold so it’s still the same five hours in game time to smelt, and will cost you around 2000 If you are purchasing each one, so I have gone all over that.  

Iridium Ore 

Now Iridium Ore its work is difficult. These can be found in geodes, if you are lucky, the Omni geodes or in the skull cavern at the lower floors, once you get down pretty deep you will start to get an Iridium every once in a while. 

The Iridium Ore is rarely sold at the traveling cart and there is a limited quantity again. And each bar when you have to smelt will take about eight hours since the ore is not really sold at a standard price and it can fluctuate and all that, there’s really no way to calculate the exact cost of it now.  

Battery Pack 

The final component is actually really difficult the “Battery Pack”, and these are obtained from building a lightning rod and having it struck by lightning during the thunderstorm. You can also get really lucky and once again the traveling cart might have them for between 1500 to 2500.  

So, for each sprinkler you are looking at an average cost of around 13 hours in game. And that’s just for the two bars that doesn’t count like the thunderstorm all that, and potentially around 10,000 Gold. Now the big thing is on Fridays. If you have unlocked the sewers and have krobus, you can buy a single Iridium sprinkler for 10,000 Gold. So that’s probably going to be the easiest way to get them.  

What are the Uses of Sprinklers in Stardew Valley? 

Now, moving on, what does each sprinkler do?  

Well, a regular base sprinkler will end up watering right above it, right below it and left to the left, right to the right. So, it only hits four spaces.  

The quality sprinkler gets one space every space around it so it ends up watering eight spaces.  

The big one is the Iridium Sprinkler, this one water two spaces all around itself, which is absolutely massive and that’s just a huge bonus you can reach plants that you shouldn’t be able to reach as easily, so it hits a lot of different areas.  

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