The Best Steam Games Like Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons was the rainbows-and-sunshine and go-to escapism game during a very bleak 2020. Moving to a tropical island thanks to a landlord tanuki, befriending animal villagers, catching bugs and fish, and planting flowers and trees—there is nothing like it!

Or so we thought. These games might not have a musician dog or a bug-fearing owl, but we’ve found the closest equivalents to an Animal Crossing PC game! And no, they’re not Stardew Valley or farming-sim clones. So whether you’re a PC-only gamer and feel left out or a veteran ACNH player looking for your next fix, grab some Steam gift card codes and check out our handpicked games similar to Animal Crossing that are available on Steam.

Cozy Grove

Move over tropical islands, we’re going spooky! In Cozy Grove, you visit a haunted island as an eager-beaver camper looking to collect your Spirit Scout badges. However, these badges come from the island’s ghostly residents who have unfinished businesses in our realm.

Just like Animal Crossing, you scavenge, craft, fish, cook, decorate, and do small everyday tasks in the game, and you even get to befriend the spectral inhabitants. Don’t worry, the characters aren’t really terrifying—rather, they’re cutesy-spooky and adorable.

But what makes this one of the best games like Animal Crossing on Steam and sets it apart from others is its story. Some of the dearly departed either have heartwarming or heart-wrenching stories about their past lives, which you’ll slowly uncover. Better brace your heart for it!


What do you do after the heroes have vanquished evil and saved the world? Why, you help heal the world by building cozy homes for people! Littlewood feels like what you’d get after a JRPG game. It’s a city-builder game with similar chore mechanics as Animal Crossing. You collect resources like chopping wood, mining rocks, and fishing, all while inviting more people to your town.

Its pixel art style and card mini-game definitely make it stand out from being just another Animal Crossing PC copy. The NPCs that you befriend are also more involved and have deeper personalities than New Horizon’s villagers. Plus, there’s a whole world to explore in this game!

Hokko Life

If you want something super similar to Animal Crossing, Hokko Life might be worth a try. Cute and fluffy animal villagers? Check. Building teeny-tiny houses and decorating them with adorable furniture? Check. Chores like chopping wood, mining rocks, and catching bugs and fish? Check and check!

Some might say it’s unabashedly being an outright clone of New Horizons. From its aesthetics to gameplay mechanics, this is high on our “games like Animal Crossing on Steam” list. They are so similar, that it’s not even amusing anymore. But hey, we ain’t complaining! If this is the only way you can play something similar to Animal Crossing, then we’re all for it. Interestingly, it edges out Animal Crossing in the decoration and customization department, so it does have something unique going for it.

Final Thoughts

Animal Crossing New Horizons is an amazing and iconic game that has rightfully made its mark in gaming communities. But due to its exclusivity (and frankly, dire need of updates), there’s a market for Animal Crossing clones on PC. Being on Steam means these games are often cheaper and frequently on sale. But if you want more convenience and bang-for-your-buck deals, why not buy Steam accounts at You get more games for your money and some titles you’ve been eyeing might even be included already!

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