The Best Sticky Notes Apps for Windows & Mac

The note-taking feature that macOS and Windows have facilitated users to jot down any vital piece of information quickly. Whether users wish to remind themselves of an important event or stay on top of their list of daily goals and objectives, writing the tasks down as notes help users not lose track of their to-do list items. Even though there are numerous varieties of note-taking applications readily available online for both macOS and Windows users, no app tops the simplicity and efficiency of Sticky Note Apps.

Sticky note applications allow users to write down important things and pin them to their home screen. This ensures that users do not forget about the event, tasks, or objectives. Unlike other note-taking applications that feature elaborate features, sticky note applications are simple, efficient, and easy to manage. Both macOS and Windows feature top-notch native sticky note apps. Moreover, the popular operating systems offer support for numerous top-notch third-party sticky note applications. This article will talk about some of the best sticky note applications users can install and use on their Mac or Windows PC. Let us get started:

Best Sticky Notes Apps for macOS:

● Ghostnote

Ghostnote is a powerful third-party sticky notes application that works exceptionally well on all versions of macOS. After downloading, you can conveniently access the app from your Mac’s menu bar. The application has tons of top-notch features that enhance users’ note-taking experience. For instance, the app’s Note Browser and Script Editor allow users to browse through multiple notes easily. Moreover, the powerful Script Editor functionality enables users to write document detection scripts. Besides this, the central view capability of the application facilitates users to view all notes from one place. When it comes to the application’s interface, Ghostnotes ensures that users can customize the app’s appearance by choosing one from the seven preloaded themes per their preference. Even though the application offers a 14-day trial for new users, those who wish to continue using the app beyond the 2-week trial limit would need to purchase the application by paying a one-time subscription fee.

● Stickies

If you are searching for well-balanced sticky notes for Mac, Stickies may be the perfect app for you. macOS’s dedicated sticky notes application has been around on the OS for almost a decade and is used by millions of Mac users across the globe. The powerful native utility of macOS facilitates Mac owners to create as many notes as they want conveniently, collapse them to save screen space, make them float, etc. You can create a new app by opening the app’s file menu, clicking on File, and tapping on the “New Note” option. Moreover, you can also easily edit and update their content without hassle. The best part about Stickies is that it is free for all macOS users since it is a part of the operating system’s native suite of utilities.

Best Sticky Notes Apps for Windows:

● Sticky Notes

The native sticky notes application of Windows is known as Sticky Notes. According to Microsoft, the app is very simple and easy to use. Since it is a default application, Sticky Notes works exceptionally well on Windows PCs. Users who do not have the utility installed on their Windows PC can download it from the Microsoft Store. Users can conveniently take notes and pin them to their home screen using the app. Moreover, the app also offers numerous color schemes; thus, users can choose the background of any note per their preference. The app also easily registers touch commands; therefore, users who own a touch-based Windows device can conveniently use the application to note down things manually. The app integrates seamlessly with Cortana, and thus it can be used to set reminders automatically, call phones, send emails, etc. The sync feature further adds to the native utility’s benefits.

● Notezilla

A great alternative to the native Sticky Notes utility of Windows is Notezilla. Even though it is not a fully-free application, Notezilla offers tons of top-notch features, which make its premium version worth the one-time fee. The “Always-on-top” feature of the app facilitates users to access their existing notes at all times conveniently. Moreover, with a single click or the dedicated keyboard shortcut, users can conveniently access a new note and jot down their thoughts. Furthermore, users can customize their notes’ appearance by changing their colors and themes. The app also offers numerous options for users to set reminders and sync their notes. The free version of the application provides all the basic features a user could ask for. However, if you are looking for a premium-grade application that goes above and beyond when it comes to functionalities, it would be best if you purchase Notezilla’s premium version by paying a one-time fee.

Sticky note applications are a great way of quickly taking down notes. If you are looking for a robust sticky notes application, you can easily choose one from the apps mentioned above as per your requirements.